Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Powder Room: Sneek Peek

Since I couldn't make up my mind about the barn door color, I decided to paint the powder room a color I knew was perfect! With Christmas around the corner it was time to style-up the powder room (that's right STYLE-UP :)
Here's a Sneek Peek:

The wall color is: Martha Stewart's Rain Water, and the trim is Heavy Cream.

We still need:
  • A new Mirror??? Maybe a new paint color for the mirror
  • Definitely a new light fixture
  • some art work
  • Maybe a bright multi colored, padded toilet seat ? ? ? hehe Just Kidding!

Check back tomorrow I've decided I need to make a decision on the barn door and just paint it!!! I'll post pictures tomorrow!!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your painted barn door! =) Love the color in the powder room - it's gorgeous!

  2. I'm so looking forward to seeing what you've decided about the barn door.

  3. Love the color!! You, indecisive??? No way! LOL

  4. LOVIN the walls! looking great! Cant wait to see the reveal. And the barn door....waiting patiently...heehee! xo

  5. Love the Rain Water paint job. Get a padded toilet seat in white...I love mine.

  6. Beautiful, Ashli! I love the paint colors with the dark wood. They really are perfect together! How do you like the Martha Stewart paint on the trim? I just installed (well my dad installed) new baseboard trim and I need to choose a brand of paint. So hard for me!! I can't wait to see the barn door. I know it will be so beautiful!

  7. Thanks Mommaheartsbaby!!
    I LOVE Martha's paint line! We use almost exclusively her paints!!
    Hope that helps

  8. LOVE the color ~ so sooothing.

  9. Hi Ashli! Thanks for responding to my comment. I think I'll give Martha a try :) I am Abby, who wrote you the email about wanting everything in your house and even copying your mourning dove paint color. And we love it! My husband thinks it's gray and he loves gray, and I love taupe and it looks kinda taupe to me so we both win!! Thanks again for all the beautiful inspiration and great advice!



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