Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How To: Decorate a Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is not like putting on your pants . . .
There are two ways to put your pants on, one leg at a time or the controversial double leg pull up! There are so many ways to decorate a tree, this is a post on how we decorate OUR tree.

1) First you set up the tree . . .

Our tree is a 12 foot artificial tree. We have a double story, 20 foot ceilings in the Library so any tree smaller than 12 feet would look teeny tiny!

2) Then we add the lights, if you have a pre-lit artificial tree . . . well La Di Da!! Just kidding, a pre-lit tree puts you one step ahead.

3) Next we add all the bulbs one color at a time, i.e. we put all of our green bulbs on first, then the red, then the silver. I do it this way so that we get even distribution of colors.

4) After all the bulbs are up we add all the small special touches, like our sentimental ornaments and bows.

and last, my philosphy on tree skirts . . . I finish my Christmas Shopping early and use the presents as a tree skirt. I figure the skirt gets covered by presents so it's un-neccessary! Plus the added bonus of not having to go to the mall in December, nothing sucks the Christmas Spirit out faster then a mall, on the weekend, in December.

This year we went with a Classic Red paper and Green Ribbon, I've never wrapped all the presents the same before but I like it!!! Just make sure to label them all well, or little Jonny might end up with a set of earrings and Grandma might get some much anticipated Hot Wheels.

Our paper and ribbon are from Nashville Wraps.


  1. Well! LOL I have a pre lit tree!! LOL :) Actually, I have never been really good at stringing lights. So when we decided to give up on getting a live tree, I had to conditions. My artificial tree had to look as real (I miss the smell) as possible and it had to be pre lit. I am glad to see someone else who has their tree in their front room!!! My friends have been giving me guff for that one! LOL Apparently, it is supposed to go in the living/family room they say. I don't feel like emptying mine out. Your tree is really pretty!!! I like the presents all one color too!! Ours will go up this week.

  2. Oh you are so well organised Ashli and the tree is magnificent.
    I haven't even started my Christmas shopping..yikes!

  3. Looks great! I always prefer fewer colours, and I always wrap my presents in red and gold. Every. Single. Year. It also means I can carry paper over if I have some left. I usually buy paper in the sales in January. In a pinch solid red or gold paper works for birthdays as well - I love a multitasker!

  4. I love your tree! Gorgeous, just like the rest of your house!

  5. Ashli, I love this post! Your tone just sounds so super happy! And I especially love the picture of putting on the lights...very creative! :-)

  6. Hi Ashli

    Your tree looks lovely.One question, I have never heard of Christmas balls referred to as bulbs, where does that come from?

  7. Your tree is beautiful! We picked ours and put it up this weekend as well but I haven't blogged about it yet :)

  8. Thanks for the tree Love!!! As far as putting it in the front room, I've always dreamed of a tree sparkling in the Front Window of my house, and we just open our presents out there!! It's nicer. . . no T.V. :)

    Nancy- I had no idea people called them Christmas Balls instead of Bulbs haha :) Maybe it's a Canadian Thing :) EH!!??

  9. I love big x-mas trees! I'm jelly! I haven't put up a x-mas tree in our apartment in four years - just because I don't have the room for one. I could probably shove a small one in the living room somewhere, but it would just make me mad it's not big ;)

    "nothing sucks the Christmas Spirit out faster then a mall, on the weekend, in December." I could not agree with you more!

  10. The tree is beautiful Ashli!! Ours is real and we will be picking it out next weekend (we do have a white artificial one for our vintage ornaments that mil gave me). Yup, bulbs down here refer to lighting and planting. LOL

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Well done my friend!

    Many Blessings,

  12. Sorry, but when is Christmas in Canada? I thought we Germans were sort of first with the presents as our celebrations start Christmas Eve, i.e. Dec.24th?!
    December hasn't even started and you already have the tree up and the presies all wrapped and out?! Wow, that's rather early, huh?

    Still I love the idea of a big, big, biiiig tree! And a library! A beautiful library as yours. And I agree with the skipping malls on December weekend-thing. But my solution is buying online :p

    P.s. The picture with a sparkling Ashli angle high on the ladder is oh so great!!!

  13. Hi Ashli

    Actually I am from Ontario and I have never heard anyone call Christmas balls bulbs as bulb refers to lights and as your other commenter said garden bulbs.I thought maybe it was a west coast thing!

  14. Katharina- I like to have everything up by Dec.1st, so Nov. 28th was our date to do it! As for the presents bought and wrapped, that was just a bit of planning and good luck :) and a very strong desire to stay out of the mall in december.

    Nancy- haha Maybe it is a west coast thing!! Or maybe it's just an Ashli thing ;)

  15. Stunning! Your tree looks so beautiful! I can't wait to see how you decorate the rest of your house.

  16. Catherine in EdmondsNovember 29, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    I have to say, Ashli, the more you get into the groove of your blog, the wittier you get. Fun read lately. (And we call Christmas ornament balls "Christmas bulbs" too here in Edmonds, WA, USA)

  17. To Katharina:
    It's a North American thing to have the tree up all month, we do the same thing down here in the States. I believe in Germany, you guys put it up the night before Christmas?

  18. beautiful! Now, I need to stop staring at my Fall mantel and take your lead! Looks wonderful!

  19. @Katchups: yup, that's what it's supposed to be like. But more and more people consider it a waste, buying/putting up a real tree for only about a week or so, thus they also start earlier and earlier each year. I can see the point(and also suggested it once "wouldn't the living room look oh so cozy with the tree already up, why leave it wrapped up in the garden for sooo long" but... )
    I guess it also depends on the point of religious view, adventbeing considered a time of lent and retreat and inner preparation before outer glitzyglittershine ;) so, i have to admit I do like the fact that symbolically it gets brighter and brighter each week (we also have this advent wreath with 4 candles for each sunday) and the grand finale in the end is THE tree. Ashli, I didn't want to upset you, sorry if I did. It was really just a cultural question as all my Christmas knowledge I have of Northern America derives from Hollywood Movies and that doesn't necessarily Need to be matched by the real world, hu? ;) Guess I just envy you for being all up and ready and no kids destroying the decoration and all being so mature and well thought of.
    Sorry for the long comment:/

  20. Katharina,
    Don't worry you didn't offend me at all!!! I love the idea of the advent wreath, then a grand finale of a tree.
    Lee's parents are from the Czech Republic and there, "Santa" brings not only presents but also the tree and all the decorations!! I love hearing about different traditions!!!
    I am glad that we get to put ours up a bit earlier, because we get to admire it a bit longer but honestly by dec.26th I'm about done with it!! :) haha
    Thanks for the comment!!
    And don't worry no offense was taken!!

  21. Such a beautiful tree!
    And there is something to be said for a non-pre-lit tree! When we moved into our new house four years ago we bought a monster pre-lit tree. And it was great...for a couple of years. But starting last year we've been having such problems with the lights...and it's not like you can just say, "Oh...well, we'll just chuck that string and replace it with a new one" because they are all strung on and connected so intricately!! ARGH! :) Very frustrating!
    I'm also hugely envious that not only do you have all your shopping done...but the gifts wrapped! Holy wow! I'm almost done with my shopping, but I haven't even started wrapping yet!

  22. Just gorgeous Ashli! A very Merry Christmas from all your friends at Nashville Wraps!!

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