Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Barn Door Progess . . . and a confession.

We're just about ready to add the track to the barn door. Lee extended the door molding to accommodate the track, I think he did an amazing job making it a perfect match to the existing molding.


Hopefully the track gets made this week and we have a new barn door to share next week!! :)

I also have a confession to make . . . the barn door is CREAM, but at one point it was Yellow. It's true I painted it yellow first!!

I thought I liked it yellow, we lived with it for a day but every time I came into the room it was loud. I felt like I couldn't think with it in the room, it just kept screaming at me!!! So cream it went and we're thrilled with it!

Lee's working away on a How to: build a barn door post, so if you were wondering keep an eye out for it this week!

BTW . . . we've got another post up today about my most recent failed art project :(


  1. Excited to see it finished! LOL at painting it yellow first. At least you won't wonder if you would have liked it - you know!

  2. The barn door is going to make you jump up and down many times. Sometimes out of pure frustration getting the sucker hung, but in the end it will all be worth it. Mine was a royal pain, but I am so happy I persevered. I have a final coat of paint and a handle to attach right now. I am having the hardest time finding something to stop it from swinging out when rolled.

  3. Ha...you are like me...try it, hate it, redo it...it's only paint afterall! I love it cream and Lee has done a fantastic job.

  4. I am waiting for the how-to as I definitely want a barn door, too. I saw a similar door at one of my neighbours, and she said her husband had installed all the hardware ... ;) Guess who I will interview for more details ..

  5. I can't wait to see this all finished!!!

  6. I'm also SUPER excited to see this finished!! :)



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