Thursday, October 20, 2011

Outdoor Lighting LOVE

I'm in LOVE, but it wasn't the LOVE at first sight kind of LOVE. It was a "hey I've seen you a few times so you're kinda growing on me and there doesn't seem to be anything better out there" kinda LOVE. But what started out as a Let's try it out and see has turned into full blown "I can't live without you, I Love you so much I want to wear your dirty shirts to bed" kind of LOVE.

We've been looking for new outdoor lights since the day we bought the house, the old lights reminded me of something . . . oh that's right . . . they reminded me of really ugly lights hehe. Okay so their not that bad, it's more of a case that they didn't match the house, they seem very Victorian to me and our house if definitely not Victorian.

Lee was determined that the lights be motion activated because during the winter he comes home when it's dark and has stepped in one or two of Max's "booby traps" or should I say "poopy traps" (I crack myself up) anyways,
I don't know if you know how hard it is to find attractive motion sensor lights. . . but it's really freak'in hard.
I found these ones at Home Depot for $56 each over a year ago, in fact if you remember our first Living Room planning post I picked them out to use as Living Room Sconces on either side of the fireplace (until I noticed they were motion sensored and way over scale).

I put them in the back of my mind and set out to find more attractive and more affordable options . . . I found nothing (did I mention how hard it is to find attractive motion sensor lighting?).
So back to Home Depot, where the lights were starting to look better, but I still needed to see what else was out there.
Long story short . . . nothing else was out there so I decided to give 'em a try.
And I'm in LOVE. Head over heels in LOVE. Screaming at your parents because they just don't understand, run away in the middle of the night LOVE!!! 

So it goes to show you, sometimes the first one you see turns out to be perfect . . .  and you shouldn't waste time looking for something better . . . but I've been burned when I'm looking for something specific, find something  I like, buy it, then see something perfect two weeks later for half the price. So I guess there's no lesson to be learned here . . . just enjoy the pretty lights :)

p.s. LED bulbs definitely the way to go for a motion light, they use so little energy, and don't take a minute or two to warm up because by the time they warm up, Lee's already inside the house, not very useful at all. And, because you can see the bulb in these lights, the LED bulb is a bit more attractive than a regular CFL (they look just like regular incandescent bulbs).


  1. I like it!! Where did you get the LED bulb? I can't STAND CFLs (especially the winter...and indoors...all the time...)

  2. looks great!! i like this motion detector alot :)

  3. LED bulb is also from Home Depot they are more expensive but Lee says they'll last a lot longer!!

  4. I am definitely going to look for these for the back of our house. We have the dreaded giant bulb in full view motion lights. Ugly, but useful when letting the pooch out at night. I had no idea they made attractive motion lights.

  5. I've had this exact same model light for over a year now, and I still LOVE it!!! It works fabulously. Good choice, it looks wonderful on your house.

  6. Looks great. AND you forgot to mention that since the light is pointed DOWN you're no longer adding "light pollution" to your area. If everyone did this we could all see more stars at night!

  7. Thanks Sarah,
    that's a great point!!!
    Lots of Love

  8. The light is great! I love that style! I did a search for exterior lighting a couple of years ago and it's NOT easy to find cheap and awesome in the same light. Have a great weekend Ashley! :)

  9. I agree that those lights are great. I like the designs of those lights. I wish I can find that kind of outdoor lights in our place. It will perfectly fit to my house.



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