Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween: Indoor Edition

Halloween around this Manor is a two part affair, indoors and outdoors. Since this is the first year we have both an inside and an outside to decorate we're a little bit overwhelmed! I've taken over inside decorating tasks and Lee is the boss outside.
Lee's still working on his outside decorating so you'll have to wait until next week to see that (apparently there aren't enough disemboweled bodies out there yet ;).
I decided to keep the Halloween decor to the library and front hall, I've been in a bit of a minimalist mood lately so I wanted to keep the clutter to a minimum in the living room and kitchen.
In the library I added skulls, skulls and more skulls :)

We bought an angry black cat years ago! (Max hates the black cat poor little guy won't go into the library anymore . . . the angry black cat might have to head outside).

A crow and a huge chrome skull found their place on the coffee table. Along with some black bound books, I picked those books because they're black not because they're particularly scary . . . unless you consider Martha Stewart scary then one of them is scary. hehe

I bought a package of small mice from Walmart for $2.00 and that's the only money I spent on the library decorations.

For the Front Door Console I added the table runner from our thanksgiving table, it's a little less spooky then I was hoping to go, but I liked the little hint of orange it gave. I added a couple of candles and wrapped them in black patterned scrapbook paper.   We still needed a lamp there and since our white ceramic lamp wasn't very Halloween-y I added a burlap ribbon and some tiny little skeletons. And I thought the bloody hand prints added a murderous feel haha.

I put out our candy cube, just a box for Candy that I picked up at Homesense a couple of years ago, I like that it has a lid on it, it makes it just that much harder for us to grab candy out of (heaven knows if it was an open bowl of candy there wouldn't be anything left come Oct.31st).

A couple of black books I found at the Dollar Tree, labeled THE DARK SACRAMENT  oooooooo . . . spooky!

And of course skulls, skulls and more skulls. I LOVE putting them under glass, I think there's something very classy about a skull under glass . . . kind of like a specimen.

Total Cost for Console:
$1 for Mice
$1 for two sheets of scrapbook paper
$4 for bloody hand prints
$1 for library mice
$7 spent on indoor decor, we had everything else we needed (thanks to Lee and his creepy love of skulls).

We must have done a good job because I peeked in at the library and found this guy, relax'in reading a book!! haha


  1. Great job! Just a quick question - I've never used that fake cobweb stuff before. How easy it is to clean up after? Are you still finding bits of it for weeks or does it all come up in one? Thanks!

  2. Love Mr. Skeleton sitting in the library! :)

  3. So fun! Mr. Skeleton is my favorite too!

  4. I have yet to start decorating for the holidays. I sure hope to get there soon!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. Love your mice!! I may have to go pick myself up some.
    I have blackbirds/ravens from Tai Pan Trading all over my library...they seemed somehow appropriate to decorate all the bookshelves with because I kept thinking of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." Not necessarily the poem itself, really...mostly just the literary-ness of it all. :)

  6. I love the skeleton. You halloween decor
    rocks. -Whatever happened to Nemo the fish?

  7. Oh, that's spooky. I'm not a big fan of the skulls though - I think they would be spookier if they were more realistic and I don't like them with that "malicious" look. I LOVE the raven and the mice and the books!!! AND the bloody hand print on the mirror. ;)

  8. love the classic Halloween feel to it, I personally like a more Edgar Allan Poe than gory.

  9. What's he reading? The way of all flesh? ;))))

  10. Amazing! Just the right amount of spooky without a ton of gore! I know Lee is loving this time of year...all his skulls get to be featured front and center! LOL

  11. Looking great! Cant wait to see what Lee does with the outside! You have good willpower over the CANDY BOX!! nice! xo

  12. I laughed out loud at your 'friend' relaxing in the library with a good book. =) Love the decorations - definitely gets you in the mood of the season.

  13. My Honest Answer:
    The fake cobweb stuff is pretty easy to clean up unless it's attached to something super rough, I once had a black glitter ball, it never came off that, but in general it's super easy to clean up!

    Dee in Bc:
    Nemo didn't make the trip to the new house. He was re-homed before we made the move here, I couldn't think of anywhere to put him :( Maybe one day when we have more time we'll get another one :) I did really love having a salt water tank.

    Katherina, I think he's reading a book on feng shui in the garden . . . he's a deep skeleton ;) hehe

  14. So cute! Halloween is my favorite. I love the skulls.

  15. The mice are great!!!

  16. I love the bloody hand prints where can I find them?

  17. Love what you've done, and that skeleton! Ha! cracks me up:)



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