Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guest Room Hooks

 Because 99% of our guests are weekend guests, and really none of our 'long term' guests are posh enough to require a whole closet full of hanging space, we decided that the guest room closet is the perfect place for a Craft Room.
Now, more to the point of this post.
Because of the closet craft room, our guests will need a spot to hang up one or two items so clearly hooks were called for.

We picked our hooks up from Urban Barn, and they're from the Umbra line. This picture doesn't do the hooks justice, they're clear acrylic hooks, shaped like tree branches. I LOVE 'em!

Today I'm planting spring bulbs, some purple tulips and crocus :) I LOVE FALL!!


  1. I love the hooks. I bet they are gorgeous in person. It's a great idea to make better use of the guest room for yourself! You're the one who's there the most! I love the idea of a craft room. And have fun planting. :)

  2. I can't wait to see your craft room closet! You're so right to make the most use out of the guest room closet -- our guests are living there full-time. I'm inspired to make my guest room closet more useful for us. =)

  3. I am loving Umbra's new line of wall hooks! I am looking to add some to two spaces in our home as well. I would love to be out planting bulbs!!

  4. I did the same thing with our guest room/office. I love my (albeit small) craft space. I painted it green like the rest of the room, added Elfa shelving, and my husband installed "puck" lights from IKEA.

  5. So cool. Love the hooks even if you do have closet space to spare!

  6. I think the designers who work for Umbra are pretty brilliant, they always come up with functional and yet chic stuff!

    Love the hooks :)



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