Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changes in the Living Room

Heed my warning . . . homesense is dangerous!! hehe In a good way!

I went into Homesense to find a wedding gift for two of our closest friends when I heard the clearance isle calling to me . . . "ashli" . . . "ashli, why don't you come back here and take a look" . . .  I'm not going to tell you everything the clearance isle said to me, but lets just say it got pretty rude. I finally had to go back there just to make it stop ;)

While I was there I spotted a couple of pillows, just little green guys sticking out. They were the exact shade of green found in our living room lamps,

So I pulled them out to get a better look at them.
They were small, with the little white leave on their wool covers, and feather down  inserts . . .
I couldn't put them back, they made their way into my heart and therefore into my cart, then subsequently into our living room.
Here's what we had before:

Here's what we have now:

I think they're perfect for our living room, they bring the green from our lamps over to the other side of the room!!

I wonder how long they'll stay fluffy before Max does this to them:


  1. Love the new pillows! Perfect match to the lamps. Ha, Kylee does the same thing...I am constantly straightening our pillows! She's the princess afterall, and well, our pillows apparently are her thrown!

  2. Proof that pillows are comfortable!

  3. You did the right thing Ashli. When you see a bargain, well, it's meant to be!
    The other day I noticed a cushion that will go perfectly in my living area so this post has persuaded me to return and grab it.
    Haha can I blame you when the hubs spies yet another new cushion? :)

  4. They are the cutest! Sorry I think Max will love those too!

  5. ok, why out of everything in the picture did I notice the spider on your table before anything else? haha:)

  6. I love them! I can see why they had to go home with you.

  7. I love the new pillows love the colour & max is so adorable I would forgive him in a heart beat :)

  8. I really liked the pillows you had before, but I like these even more. They look great! Max is so adorable. My little dogs are on my pillows too when they aren't using me as their pillow.

    Lori S.

  9. Isn't it amazing what two little pillows will do for an entire room? Love them.

    PS Max is such a cutie :)

  10. The pillows were meant to be for you! They look perfect in your living room. Oh my goodness......Max is so adorable!

  11. How cute is Max!! My Haley does the same thing to just about any pillow she can find. Most of my pillows are all scrunched. She even likes to perch on top of the mound of pillows I have on my bed.

  12. Thank goodness you HAD to go get that wedding gift!!! Love the pillows and love, love, love the cutie Max snoozing on the previous ones.

  13. Those pillows are so cute! I love the color - it really does match the green in the lamps. Beautiful!

  14. Beautiful! (Max is adorable perched on his thrown).



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