Thursday, September 15, 2011

Backyard Harvest and Fall Lawn Care

Here in BC we've had a super HOT September which is a welcomed change from our COLD summer.
Yesterday we pulled up some of our beet crop! Nothing too crazy, this is only about 1/4 of them, I'm hoping this warm weather holds out for a few more weeks, so we can get the fence stained and the beets harvested!

We've been caring for our lawn organically since the day we moved in, with little paws running around the lawn we wanted to make sure it's nice and safe.

So now that fall is here, we need to get on our organic fall lawn care before we blink and it's Winter.

This fall we are:
  • Sowing  grass seed. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your lawn is, if you apply grass seed, the lawn will thicken up. And a thick lawn prevents weeds from germinating. Fall is the perfect time to top dress your lawn with seed. You'll need about 2lbs for every 1000 sq ft.
  • Making Compost tea from our Compost Bin and spraying it on the lawn about 1 week after we seed.
  • Keep mowing the lawn as long as it's  growing, but cut it LONGER than usual. Cool season grasses like to be a bit longer than normal.
  • Rake leaves, or better yet, run them over with the lawn mower to mulch them and let them decompose in to the grass.
  • If your lawn isn't preforming well, get the soil tested, and adjust from there. Fall is a good time to fix your soil issues.
  • No Fast Food: If your going to fertilize your lawn make it a slow release.
  • And don't forget to De-Thatch your lawn so the seeds and food can get to the soil!
This week we'll be "harvesting" the rest of our vegetable beds, and hopefully finishing off what has now become the bain of my existance . . . staining the fence.


  1. We are finally experiencing cooler temps! We had a very hot, dry summer!! I need to get out in my garden and clean it out for fall/winter. The beets look super yummy. I'd love to try some fall veggies this year now that we've redone the garden. And our lawn (backyard), we will be resodding in the spring as the new grass we installed last year did not take well at all! This Georgia heat and no rain is brutal!!

  2. Its a lil cool here as well which is great Texas heat can be sweltering. I love the way you displayed the veggies for photos they are great.Wanted to ask what you plan to use to fill the beds during winter? Temporary evergreens?

  3. I appreciate those tips. We were awful about keeping up with our yard this year and it shows. I'm hoping to get out this weekend to get some things done since it will be cooler outside. You yard is beautiful. Good luck with the fence.

  4. I just love beets! Roasted in olive oil and s & p. Delicious!



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