Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Step by Step . . . oooo baby!

Did you get it??? The New Kids on the Block reference??? Don't make me write out the whole song, it's not like I know all the lyrics by heart . . .

"Step by Step, oooo baby
Gonna get to you girl
Step by Step, oooo baby
Really want you in my world

Step, hey girl in your eyes
I see a picture of me all the time . . . "

Okay so I do . . .  embarrassing!!!!

What does a 90's boy band have to do with our back porch? nothing really except for the geraniums on each step of our back landing.

I LOVE the look of potted plants going up a staircase! And for some reason they have to be geraniums, I don't know why, that's just the way it works in my head :)
So  3 terracotta pots, 3 terracotta saucers, some pebbles for the trays (to ensure good drainage) 2 - 6 packs of geraniums later, and we have some color and life on the back porch.

Max likes them too :)

Step by Step . . . . oooooo Geraniums! haha


  1. I am a big fan of geraniums! I plant them in pots for my front porch every year. I like the bright red ones usually but these pinker one here today are very pretty! I like that cascading down the stairs look too.

  2. Love! Of course. :) There really is something about geraniums and terracotta pots!

  3. Post made me laugh, love it!

  4. Definitely one of my favorite plants, especially in a terracotta pot!

    Max is so stinkin' cute, he's the perfect accessory.

  5. I love Geraniums! Love the look of pots on staircases too.

  6. Too funny! I just read this from a GREAT site "The Renegade Gardener" and then I read your post! So what do you think? Is it true?!

  7. Woops...that didn't work! Go to the Renegade Gardener and click on designs and then click on "my last damn rant on red.."
    The guy is hysterical!

  8. I like flowers traveling up steps, too. Those look awesome!

  9. Anonymous!
    I would agree to not having red in the front, but no red at all seems crazy to me, I love my back porch red geraniums and I can almost promise I'll have them there next year too!! hehe
    The guy is hilarious though! I think I'll flip through a couple more of his posts!! :)
    Thanks for the link

  10. Geraniums are the best! I can't kill them.
    Red are my absolute favourite.
    Max...such a cutey.

  11. Step 1 We can have lots of fun
    Step 2 There's so much we can dooooooooo
    Step 3 It's just you and meeeeeeeeeeeeee
    oh god look what you've done I'm going to that that song stuck in my head all day now lol.
    I do love the pots on the steps too :)

  12. I love your style. Every little project you tackle always comes out looking fantastic!

  13. beautiful flowers, you chose a great color

    love seeing how your house is coming along and changing with the seasons!

  14. Thanks for the geranium LOVE and Max says thank-you too :)



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