Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PINK Shelf Liner and One more Organized Cabinet!

It's pretty obvious that Lee's the one who picked out our self liner for under the sink! Just Kidding!
But what a great husband who takes the time to install his wife's PINK shelf liner :)

He even took the time to install is around the pipes, I would have just cut a big circle around it and called it a day.

I think that shelf  liner is great for the messy area under the sink. We keep our recycling under there and sometimes sticky pop cans leave their residue on the shelf, messy cleaners and dishwasher detergent ends up on there too. So to protect the shelf and add a cute pop of color shelf liner was our solution!
This pretty pink liner came from Michaels, on sale for $2.50 a roll!

Lee installed the recycling bin, it's from Ikea and it pulls out on rollers for easier access. It's awesome, it makes getting the recycling in and out a breeze. Because of our awkward corner cabinet it was a bit of a chore before. 

The we added an adjustable under the sink organizer. In my opinion it's the best way to organize under the sink, it has removable slats so that you can fit it around sink pipes or in our case the garburator!  It makes the best use of space under there!

Here's the break down of what we have under there:

1. Palmolive Eco Dish Detergent: It's really affordable, works well and is phosphate free so it doesn't pollute rivers and streams.
2. Fruit and Veggie Wash from Nature Clean.
3. Our Martha Stewart Cleaner Bottles. When we first moved in I bought some of Martha's new cleaning products from Home Depot. Once we ran out I started refilling them with Homemade solutions. The bottles are fantastic they are super thin so they line up together perfectly and don't take up a ton of room! I'll definitely be keeping these bottles and refilling them month after month!
Look for our post on Homemade Cleaning Products later this week.
4. Dawn Pure Essentials, I had a coupon for Dawn and their pure essentials line is free of extra ingredients like dyes, and their bottle is made with 25% post consumer recycled material.
5. My Houseplant care kit! I keep a set of scissors, fertilizer, gnat fly traps, little measuring spoons for fertilizer, a microfiber cloth for wiping dust off of leaves.
6. Baking Soda!!! I keep it in a little mason jar to avoid the half opened box sitting under the sink waiting to get knocked over every time you go in there.

We also have a little dustpan under there, it's from the Dollar Store (Dollarama if your  in BC) and we used a 3M hook to hang it from the cabinet door.

And that our newly organized . . . I should say finally organized cabinet. We squeezed every bit of storage out of that awkward corner cabinet.

**All opinions on products are my own I was in no way compensated for this post, these are the products I use, and wanted to share with you!


  1. Nice organization!(I totally focused in on your pink sponges lol)And don't think I'm crazy but I never knew there was a fruit wash! That waxy film on the fruit and veggies(when I don't buy organic)drives me crazy so icky and I have to spend extra time cleaning it off. So now I know.Thanks for the tip!

  2. Where did you find that under the sink organizer?! It's perfect! Love all of your home organizing projects :)

  3. Love the undersink organizers...we have several (they are great in bathrooms too). Looking forward to your post on homemade cleaners. Love the idea of storing the baking soda in a mason jar...I've knocked ours over one too many times!

  4. Very clever, you really used every inch of space perfectly! Good job, as always! :) And L O V E that pretty pink shelf liner.


  5. The under the sink organizer came from Amazon! Type in Under the sink shelf :) it will come up!
    Hope that helps

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  7. Ashli - I have under the sink envy! lol... I wouldn't dare post a picture of ours! I do have TWO of thos IKEA garbage cans though in the cabinet NEXT to the sink... We use them both for garbage... they work well and are nicely pushed out of sight! And P.S. The pink isn't SOO bad!

  8. Lee the wonderful to the rescue again! You got the pick of the litter with him, Ashli!!

  9. I just bought that same shelf liner in green to line the dresser in our guest bedroom, it's so pretty!

    A neat thing our landlord did when remodeling where we currently live was to install tile in the bathroom and kitchen cabinets under the sink. Makes it really easy to keep clean and the only drawback I can see is if you want to install something with screws like your pull out recycle bin.

  10. I so needed this post! So glad you talked about it. I am tackling my under the kitchen sink cabinet this week.

  11. Love the pink, especially the sponges! The cupboard under our sink it empty, much easier to have everything in a high cupboard with The Smalls running around.

  12. Love the organizer........off to Amazon to check it out ~ thx :)

  13. I never thought to use my 3M hook hangers inside the cabinet doors. I'm off not to put some in mine for my measuring cups. Thanks for sharing your post.

  14. Very clever, these really look wonderful, Good job, as always! :)



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