Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Library Rug!

Options for Today's Post Title:
> eeeeeeeewwwww gross!
> Sick Dog = New Rug
> Seriously beep beep beep beep'n beep
> Lee I need your help! NOW!

I don't know if I really need to explain what happen . . . you get the idea!
So we went on a rug hunt, with a very strict budget as this was a very un-expected purchase. We have different criteria than most people:
> Like everyone we want it to look nice.
> It can't be wool, Max is a touch allergic, and Lee hates shedding rugs!
> It has to be neutral because it's an expensive part of the decor and I don't want a BOSSY rug to dictate the room!
> Nothing with too thick a pile or anything shag, not because I'm against shag, but if you have pets or kids you might know what I'm talking about. One of my closest friends had to get rid of their shag area rug because of an unfortunate playdough incident occurred.

I ran all over town for a week or two (I just re-read that and it sounded bad haha) I ran all over town looking for a rug, it took a week or two! (there better). I finally found one at Canadian Tire while Lee was getting supplies for an oil change on the cars. With an extra $129 on the bill, it was the most expensive oil change to date ;)

It's a Debbie Travis rug, she has a line of home products at Canadian Tire they are all very cute, and very well priced!

We chose this Rug because we liked the pattern, it's neutral and it's a statement with out being bossy! The Tablecloth curtains are a Spring/Summer accessory, during the Fall/Winter seasons I'd like to have different curtains and I think this rug lets us keep our options open.

Here it is in all it's not barfed on glory!

Birds eye view:

It's funny but I like it better then our old rug. Happy Ending for everyone, except maybe Max, although he's feeling much better :)


  1. Your Library looks fantastic!!! I've got a pukey dog so I feel your pain!

  2. Love that rug! And what a great price for it! I wish I could find one near me. You have lovely style.

  3. Looks great and glad to hear your doggie is feeling better :)

  4. That is such a great rug!!! LOve the price too!

  5. Poor Max! Kylee sends him get well hugs and kisses. I LOVE the new rug!! Funny how sometimes those things work out.

  6. This space is so absolutely gorgeous!

    Oh, and my husband and I once gave our upset-tummy-beagle canned pumpkin to alleviate his discomfort. Imagine that mess coming back up.... ;)

  7. Love the rug...and the office itself is amazing!
    Such a retreat!!

  8. I love this little room! It has such compelling, lovely style. I could sit in those fabulous chairs with a book and coffee all day long!

  9. This room is absolutely inspirational (I think I've looked at your library at least 20 times)! I love the new rug. I still haven't found the perfect rug for our living room but I'm loving the pattern and neutral color of the one your chose.

    P.S. I hope Max is feeling better!

  10. Love love love it!
    I am so glad I'm a fellow Canadian and can go steal this idea at CT! Time to round up my CT money ;)

  11. Just took a look at the old rug to compare and I think Max's unfortunate moment ended up being a happy change. Liked the old rug, love the new.

  12. Love it! Nice and neutral, without being boring! Yay, score one for you! It turned out to be a HAPPY accident. :-)
    We had the same thing happen to us in our master bedroom. My beloved old golden retriever (may she rest in peace) had an accident on a very expensive splurge rug. We were devastated, until I found another rug at a local antique store (for a steal) that I wound up loving SO much more!

  13. The rug is perfect for that room which by the way, I love!

  14. So cute and the not a bad price tag... I always forget about the Debbie Travis collection at Wal-mart.

  15. Is it only available in one colour and one size at CT store? Id love it in another colour but CT website didnt show it.

  16. Love the new rug! Sending hugs to Max. Wow, do I understand about cleaning rugs!! They always pick the rug, don't they????

  17. It's a very good rug that you bought there - it's perfectly neutral and will match anything you will do when you decide to redecorate the library area. Besides, I LOVE your combination of cream colors and green accents. I am just giving our living/dining room a make-over and will use those colors, too, plus some red accents. I LOVE that!!!

  18. That rug is PERFECT! It's just what I need for my new studio space! If only I can find it's mate here in the US.... at that price!


  19. That rug is from Canadian Tire?! Holy crap... I'm going there tomorrow! It's gorgeous. :)

  20. Neutral yet stylish, it looks great. Love your library.

  21. Very nice! I actually like it more than the original rug.



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