Friday, August 19, 2011

Flowers on Friday: Grouping

First we wanted to thank everyone for their very kind words about our bedroom making it into This Old House's September issue! You are all so sweet! Everything is multiplied when you share it with others and this couldn't be more true than right here on The Manor! Our readers turn everything good, into something great and everything great, into something amazing!

This Friday's Flowers:
If you caught our bird's eye view of the living room you might have noticed our three little arrangements on the coffee table.
I Love taking a large bouquet of flowers and turning them into multiple smaller bouquets, usually they live their first few days here as a large bouquet and then as certain flowers die off we make smaller and smaller bouquets out of the longer lasting, heartier flowers!

Here's our little lily arrangements, center stage on our coffee table!

But after a couple of days on the coffee table I got tired of them there and moved them around the house, here's one beside the couch!

I LOVE having lilies in the house, everyday for almost a week it has smelt amazing!!!
Hope you have a GREAT weekend, I'm headed to a Canadian Design Bloggers West meet-up, a little nervous but also very excited! Can't wait!


  1. I love those flowers, but what brought me off google blog reader is the book on the top of the stack. I LOVE "the urban Homestead," it inspired me to get my garden boxes built!

  2. You know I love a good bouquet of flowers as much as you do! Lily's are some of my favorites, the smell is divine. I too was eyeing your stack of books, as I have loved everything you have recommended! See a couple new reads I'll have to get. Have a wonderful time at the blogger meet up. Can't wait to hear about it.

  3. Your dog is adorable!!! Love the flowers!

  4. Ashli!! I live very close to the meet-up but alas, I cannot come ;( Congrats on the magazine spread! So excited for you!! Hope we can have a meet up soon! Hope you have a great time with the Westies! xoxo Becky :)

  5. You have some of my favorite books on the table. Love Homemade Life!

  6. Oh I love lilies so much but I didn't know they stain...I put a huge bouquet of them in our bathroom and the next week there were yellow stains everywhere and when we tried to wipe them with water they just got worse! Finally we saw a hint on the internet to use tape to lift up the pollen. I had no idea they stain like that!

  7. Love your living room!!! Would you mind sharing where you got your sofa?

  8. I always love your flowers around the house! and I have read some of your recommended books and I was eyeing your books too! Have fun at the meet up!

  9. Love the organization of everything! Beautiful. And I looove the pup perched on the sofa!

  10. Ashli, I hope you're feeling better now!! Look forward to seeing you at the next meet up... maybe IDSwest in September!!

  11. I pinned the board and batten tutorial in my pinterest file!

  12. Lisa,
    The couch is from Stylus
    It's a great couch, our last one was stylus also and my parents have had their stylus couch for 15 years and it's still in great shape no sagging cushions or anything!
    Lots of love



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