Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lee's Organized Closet

So, Lee was organizing his closet while I was organizing mine . . . . pfffff . . . yeah right! I organized Lee's closet after I finished with mine! He's great at building the wardrobe but has no interest in organizing it :)

His closet was significantly easier to organize then mine was! I think it was probably because he has less clothing and way fewer shoes, and not nearly as many purses (hehe).

The Right side of the wardrobe is where we keep his In season, use everyday clothes. It's where we store his jeans, shorts, sweat pants, t-shirts, socks and underwear!! Oh, and the little wood box is his watch box . . . that man loves his watches!

The left side is where we store his, dress shirts, dress pants, suits and fancy coat (or as he calls it his wedding and funeral coat).

So right now, at this moment . . . our closets are in complete, and perfect order! YAY! I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!


  1. Lee's closet looks great, but the poor guy needs to treat himself to a couple more pairs of shoes!!
    Two pairs in the closet and one pair he's wearing now?

  2. I'm inspired to organize my closet! It seems so peaceful and calm and I want that, too!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. What a great way to free up more space for your closet! LOL!

  5. Looking good! We really pared down our stuff when we went through our closet. I realized I was pretty much wearing only a small percentage of the stuff all the time!!

  6. (taking a moment to tease Ashli)
    Poor man doesn't have room in the main closet! Everything in its place, and a place for everything... even Lee's stuff!! ;-)



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