Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Hangers every organized closet needs:

Every organized closet needs a selection of hangers:

First you need a big strong hanger for your winter coats:

A hanger with a bar across so you can hang your pants without getting creases.

A hanger with clips for your skirts.

A multi hooked hanger for your belts,

A hanger with notches for you spaghetti straps,

and if your man wears ties, a tie hanger is also a necessity!

** Not a hanger, but if you have tall boots you could probably use some boot shapers, it makes them easier to store and helps them keep their shape!!

Any other Closet must haves I've missed??? Anything you couldn't organize without????


  1. Thank you for showing wood hangers! I love them and they are the only hangers I use. Plastic hangers tend to stretch my clothes :(

    Great Blog!

  2. I have a tie rack in mine that I hang all my necklaces on. I love it! it makes it so much easier to see what I have and match it to my outfits.

  3. I definitely need one of those belt hangers! I was searching high and low of a certain belt this morning, as a matter of fact. Your closet makes me jealous ... and inspired!

  4. We recently switched all of Mark's things to wooden hangers, but for mine I chose the new Huggable thinner ones because I was so tired of mine ending up on the floor and they take up less room. I do have the same belt hanger, and I have two for my scarves, but they never hang straight!

  5. Where did you get those boot shapers? I must have them, rolled up magazines just aren't cutting it anymore! Love your closet by the way and that jewelry organization you posted!

  6. Ikea makes a scarf hanger, the kind with 12 different circles so you can drape them through. Some scarves I'm okay hanging but others like cashmere blends I prefer to fold so they're not as wrinkly. I love posts like this, because if we had decided to purchase a home, instead of move to the other side of the world, I'd be posting the same!

  7. Looking good and you must feel great about knowing where everything is now. Time and effort = organization. Great job...I loved your jewellery organization post...awesome.

  8. Boot shapers were from Container Store!! :)

  9. Where is the belt hanger from?

  10. Belt hanger is from

    Hope that helps

  11. My tip for boots....... I use my out dated magazines and roll them up and stuff them in Real Simple are great !!! Or a clean out bottle of empty wine !

    1. Pool noodles cut to size are great also!

  12. That's a great idea! Thanks Brockey!!
    I definitely have some old magazines and empty wine bottles hanging around :)
    Lots of love



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