Friday, July 29, 2011

Fashion on Friday

In lieu of our Flowers on Friday, I thought we'd do a little fashion this Friday! Since I spent most of the week showing you our newly organized closets I thought I'd share some of my fashion picks for this summer.
Here's a sunny day out, lunch with a friend, shopping at the mall, that kind of thing:
Grocery Shopping

Here's A weekend day downtown, or casual weekend evening with friends:
Shopping day

Date night, or a night of dancing with the girls:
Date Night

Weekday at home: (in the Kitchen)
btw . . . I LOVE Gwyneth Paltrow's  my father's daughter cookbook! and Vegenaise is awesome!!haha
Day @ Home

Here's a board that represents Lee and the way he dresses perfectly (maybe not for summer?)
Lee's outfit

and we couldn't leave out Max!! Here's his board too :)

Doggy by maillardville manor on

I Hope you enjoyed our Fashion this Friday! I had a GREAT time putting together these boards!! If you want to know where any of these items are shoot me an email and I can look it up!!

Anybody have any Summer wardrobe must have's???


  1. Love everything! Too funny about can tell him this story...I was at our local Home Goods the other day and in the kitchen section there was silver (somewhat antiqued) timer and a set of salt and pepper shakers (same finish)...they were skulls! LOL I immediately thought to myself, "Lee would LOVE these!" Love Max's board too...Kylee is jealous!

  2. Where can we find the pink sweater on the first board?

  3. Love it all! Where did you find the pink sweater and the maxi dress? Have a great weekend, Ashli!

  4. Super cute outfits, Ashli! I know they look great on such a pretty girl. Oh, and good to see some more of Lee's shoes (ha ha)

  5. What a great job you did in this post!

  6. Love all of those outfits! And yes, veganaise is AWESOME & I also LOVE that book.



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