Thursday, June 2, 2011

Most Popular Posts from the Year!

In keeping with the blogaversary celebration this week, here are our top 10 posts from the Year!
How did I decide what the most popular post were?  I'm so glad you asked :) I decided that the posts that gathered the most comments were the most popular, so here they are:
Number 10:
Our Mudroom from the Townhouse, complete with pebble boot tray!
Number 9:
Kitchen Reveal, with the new pendant lights, and new appliances :)
In at Number 8:
Green products we've been using around the manor, this gathered lots of debate and some great ideas for new products to try!
Number 7:
The Living Room Reveal! 
Number 6:
Our most recent chart topper, Our Master Bedroom Paneling Reveal!
 At Number 5:
Can you tell the difference? Our Painted the staircase. Thanks to your comments I didn't feel like I wasted a day painting :)
 Number 4:
The Dining Room Art! I've even received a few emails from readers who made their own DIY art from Wall Decals (I LOVE getting those types of emails :)
Number 3:
When we revealed our NEW MANOR. I cried when I woke up in the morning and saw all of the lovely comments and well wishes!!

Coming in at number 2:
The Powder Room turned into a computer room in the old Townhouse. This little room won us a Fridge from Style At Home Magazine's, most organized space contest.
 And our number one most popular post was . . . . . (drum roll please):
The Library Reveal, complete with the tablecloth curtains.


  1. Couldn't agree more! I love the library!!

  2. My favorite was the Powder Room turned into a Computer Room. Very brave however, so very worth it! The space was utilized so well that the "untrained" eye never knew what it originally was. Great, great job!

  3. Love the inexpensive art work for the Dining Room. What a great idea! Well all your ideas are great. Still loving your reading nook and that paneling in the bedroom, WOW!


  4. I just recently discovered your blog (when YHL pinned a pic of your bathroom on Pinterest!) and have enjoyed seeing all of the pictures of your lovely home. Beautiful, simple, functional - love it!



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