Friday, June 17, 2011

Flowers on Friday: Knitting

Just a little guy made from some leftover super on sale flowers from the grocery store, it was a $6 bouquet marked down 50%, not bad for $3 :)

And a picture of my latest knitting project! It's hopefully going to be a pillow cover for the library this winter.


  1. Nice.Ohhhh the simplicity that is our life.

  2. Love the flowers, as always. I so wish I had learned to knit/crochet from my Granny. She tried to teach me, however she was right handed, I left. I never did get the hang of it.

  3. Have you ever considered growing your own flowers? I find it very rewarding!
    There's a great book by BBC-presenter Sarah Raven: Grow your own cut flowers. I'm sowing during spring and summer and there are lots of fresh and beautiful friday flowers every week till frost falls in!

  4. 50% off on flowers? That is awesome. A small arrangement just makes such a big statement.

  5. I love flowers...and always love your arrangements, but for me they're a rarity in the house unless I keep them in my bedroom. The problem is I have three feline "florists" who derive great pleasure in restyling any bouquet that lands in the open living area.

    My oldest cat, who passed away a month ago, only restyled carnations (by biting all the heads off) but left everything else alone. Your little bouquet today reminds me of her. She would have posed herself on the table next to the flowers without disturbing them.

    Alstromeria are my favorite for display because they last a long time and they come in a variety of different colours.

  6. I have been dying to try a cutting garden! I think growing my own would be a great way to do it! And save a little money too!
    Thank you so much for the book reccomendation I'll definitely check that one out!
    Thanks again!
    I'll make sure to post my progress on the cutting garden!

  7. I love the picture - and the green of the yarn goes so well with the soft green of the lamp and the yellow of the flowers.


    A fellow knitter



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