Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bird Feeder

We've got some hungry hungry birdies over here ;)

And those hungry hungry birdies are insanely messy! Seriously there is seed everywhere!

But they're darn cute so we put up with the mess . . . like with Max . . . and Lee! hahaha

I found this round bird feeder at Canadian Tire, it was way to big to for our little apple tree to hold up, so we needed to figure out another way to make it available to the birdies!

So we found a post from Home Depot and a fence spike (also from The Depot). It was super easy . . . just stick the post in the spike and stick the spike in the ground!

Securing the feeder to the post was easy too, we just used a couple of small L brackets and it was done.

We're hoping to paint it out white or stain it the same color as the fence (when we get around to staining the fence). We're super concerned about using an eco-friendly, non toxic paint as the little birdies will be eating from it! I also want to make sure that it doesn't flake off so maybe a stain is the way to go! If anyone has any bird feeder paint tips I would LOVE to hear them.

And while we're out in the garden with the birdies, I wanted to share with you my new garden shoes! I've got my rubber boots (or RUBBERS as Lee's mom calls them, imagine poor teenage Lee's embarrassment as him mom yells out at the Field trip bus "Lee did you remember Rubbers!!" haha) but for the spring time, some light little shoes are just what I needed. I picked up these ones from TARGET! They are Amazing! They are stupid comfortable ("stupid comfortable" means they're really comfortable). I LOVE them, I love them so much I bought my mom a pair and she Loves them even more than I do, so she bought my grandma a pair too. Grab a pair then shoot me an email and let me know how much you love them too :) hehe

Have a great day, and Happy Gardening!


  1. I have a pair of those in an orangey/rust color and love them too! Love that you can slip them on to go out and water ~ and if they get dirty just hose them off. My friend just sent me a pair of these ~

    They are very comfy and oh sooo cute =)

  2. Love the bird house! We have soooo many birds around us. Cardinals need for an alarm clock!! I don't put out a feeder however because we had a very bad experience years ago with one of our you mentioned the birds tend to kick seed out of the feeder. Well...bird seed can reek havoc on a poor dogs tummy (we found out the hard way). We do however share the blueberries that grow too high up for me to reach :) Opaque stains last longer than paint in the elements (we use it for our fence and only have to paint every 5 years or so even in this hot sun). Too funny about the rubbers...I have the same kind in navy and love them!! They last forever!!

  3. those are such cute shoes for gardening

  4. We had the very same kind of feeder on a pole years ago. We stained the outside, and inside..EXCEPT for the bottom (where the seed lies). The seed covers up the fact that it is not stained there anyway, and we did not have to worry about the birds eating from stained wood. I think we stained it though, and then let it air out for a few days in the garage so that any toxic fumes would dissipate. No one can see that the bottom is not stained..especially with it up in the air.

  5. I think the birdhouse should be a different color than the it doesn't just blend into the background. Just my .02!

  6. Love that bird feeder! I was wondering if you have many squirrels where you are? Having that feeder by the fence would make super easy squirrel access. We have many squirrels where we live and there isn't a squirrel proof feeder that we have found!

  7. That's a good point about the fence being a different color! That makes sense I like it!

  8. I got so very excited when seeing your fence post spike...I didn't know they existed!

    I've been begging my husband to hang up 3 lovely metal plant hangers (found at a garage sale) for months and he kept telling me that our fence is too weak. My response was "how about digging some fence posts and hanging the planters from the posts?" His response, "our clay ground is too hard....lots of work in our 95 degree heat." Now, I showed him the spikes and he said that should work!

    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas...I heart your blog and read it every day! I love your style and budget friendly, but sophisticated look!

    Thanks from Houston, TX

  9. How cute the gardening shoes are!

  10. Hey Ashli! I have the same sloggers and I am IN LOVE WITH THEM! I use them for my gardening/get-the-mail/sweep the porch/etc. shoes.

  11. Hi Ashley, Here in the UK we have trouble with squirrels and cats! The neighbourhood cats would love that bird table being so close to the fence. I don't know if you have that problem where you live.



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