Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We're sleeping under the stars

If only there was a reality show called  "sleeping under the stars", you know instead of "dancing with the stars", I call George Clooney haha
Just hung them up last night and after a near miss of my head while Lee was hanging them . . . . I was almost STAR STRUCK! haha (I'm so clever . . . not)  We got them up and I LOVE 'em!
Here they are, I bought them from Homesense about 6 months ago, but couldn't figure out where they should go, I tried them above the front hall console, above the fireplace, above the upstairs console, nothing seemed just right, until now. I LOVE the little sparkle they add, and they reflect the chandelier light beautifully.

That's right I said chandelier light, we've got a chandelier up in the bedroom :) It went up last night too! No pictures yet . . . it is really difficult to get a good decent not horrible picture of a chandelier. If the lights are on it makes weird shadows and glowing shiny spots and if it's off it looks weird too, like it should be on but we know you can't take a decent picture of it on, so you gave up and turned out the lights, weird like that! I'm working on it, I'll post one tomorrow, good or bad!


  1. I don't know what it is about mirrored ANYTHING, but those make my heart skip a beat. LOVE them, and that's a perfect spot for them!

  2. Just love those stars, Ashli!

  3. Ha! Thanks for the laugh Ashli. Love the stars, and that is the perfect spot for them. Can't wait to see the new chandelier.

  4. That is the perfect spot for your stars, Ashli! I am excited to see your chandelier. I had fallen in love with the one you had in your other home. I'm still searching for the perfect chandelier that is within my budget.

  5. It is the 13th and I am confused!! Yesterday I saw a post of your beautiful chandy, today it is gone. Did you take it down or is there a problem with my "puter"?????

  6. Hey Renee,
    Seems like blogger was "updating" it's site and apparently that means deleting my chandelier post haha
    It's totally gone but I'll post it again! Just a quicky because they seem to have deleted my draft of it too >:I (angry face)
    Thanks for letting me know



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