Monday, May 23, 2011

We're on PINTEREST!! it's Awesome!

HOLY CRAP!!! Pinterest is AWESOME! I know everyone is saying this and I am totally late to the Pinterest party, but seriously, it's amazing!
It's Victoria Day up here in Canada, and it's finally sunny. so we'll be spending the day OUTSIDE! I've been waiting to play tennis all year!
I was going to skip today's post but I thought I'd share some of my favorite Pins!!
Happy Door and Rug!!!
So Much Color!!!!
Pretty Ruffled Aprons:
LOVE this Quilt!!!
And I love this cork heart, what a great way to reuse old wine corks and make something super functional :)
You can even catch some of our Manor on there :) 
To Check out our Pinterest Account you can follow this link or click the link on our sidebar :) Let us know if you're on pinterest too, I'd LOVE to see what everyone is pinning!


  1. When I hear of Pinterest I start to get anxious, seriously I think, I've barely tackled twitter, now something else?! Technology is a tough much to offer yet can be overwhelming and insanely time consuming!! But I know I'll be following the crowd to this site soon...:)

  2. Just starting following some of your boards! Love this site....I just got the iphone app and I am hooked.

  3. I like it better than twitter! I'm glad you're on there now!

  4. OMG! I hear you! Pinterest is seriously addicting! I leave it open all the time and hope that when I check there will be a (whatever #) before Pinterest on the tabs. It's an awesome addiction though! :)

  5. PINTEREST! It is like window shopping, a filing system, and magazine clipping and so many other things. I love it! I find it very relaxing.

    Oksana Bellas from

  6. Pinterest calms down my ocd. Totally joking. Maybe? :-D

  7. Well I can kind of understand how eager you must be to play tennis out in the sun! And the pictures you have posted are great.
    Here's a fun quiz you may like -
    Your Sports Type
    What sports would suit your personality?

  8. Love that green door!! I've been wanting to paint the inside of our front door in a fun colour!

  9. I just got on last night and I can't stop! I'm following you and I love your boards!



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