Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sponsor Shout Out!

We now have a grand total of . . . 4 sponsors! Woo Hoo!! We are so grateful for our fabulous sponsors, Max is especially happy, he Loves to eat, so if you'd like Max to keep eating sponsor the site,  hahaha
Just Kidding We promise we will feed Max no matter how many sponsors we have :) But we are very grateful for the sponsors we do have.
We have Leslie from Aihu : Aroma Therapy and  Plant based ingredients everything from skin care to shampoo and beyond :)
CJ from Something to Chase. A blog dedicated to renovating a renter's house into a home for two (and two miniature dachshunds!) on the eastern shore of Maryland.

 Kristin from Modern Canine Training, a local dog trainer, who looks exactly like I do, because she's my sister :) I count her as a sponsor because she pays me in free manicures :)

And Home Alarm Services! We are big believers in Home Alarm Systems, not only for the home insurance discount, but the peace of mind it gives, I know that when Lee leaves in the morning he sets it and no one is sneaking in to steal Max. hehe

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