Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old Screen=New Art

We picked up an old screen at a local junk store. It was $49 and it was broken. One of the hinges was broken off and it damaged the side of one of the panels. So it was marked down from $179 and no one seemed to want it. Originally I thought we'd just buy some new hinges and repair the side, but a screen wouldn't really work along the bedroom wall, but they would work if we hung them up :) So we did (not a great story but the truth haha).
Here they are, they're the first thing you see when you walk into our master:

We took these hangers (bought from Michaels -40% thanks to our coupon)

We attached them to the back of the panels, two on each panel:

Then we hung them up:

THE END hehe


  1. HOw adorable! I love it Ashli :) Your master is full of character now!! YAY!

  2. They look amazing! I love the idea but no wall space here. :(

  3. That is a great idea and it looks great!


  4. I love it! It adds so much texture!!

  5. I love this! I think I love it much more than a screen because it is unexpected! Way to go!


  6. That's so cool! I love how your master bedroom is turning out. :)

  7. I love your house and I LOVE your style. And I think what you did with this screen is FAB!!!



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