Thursday, May 5, 2011

Master Bedroom Part 1

We're headed upstairs ! ! !  Wooo Hoooo! We've kind of started on the guest room, nothing to write home about, or should I say nothing to blog about, just a bed and some white sheets (our favorite organic white sheets from Target :) I'll whip a post up for next week.
But the important part is the decorating/ organizing train is moving upstairs, next stop Master Bedroom :) choo choo
First things first, get the walls done. Our Master is painted the same color as the rest of the house, Mourning Dove by Martha Stewart, although it looks significantly more green in our bright master! It's a good thing we LOVE this color because, literally every room in the house (except for the Master Bath) is Mourning Dove including the garage :)
I am a huge fan of panelled walls, and with all the paneling downstairs it seemed fitting to bring some upstairs. We're copying the pattern of the downstairs panels upstairs (big panel on the bottom, little panel on the top).
Here's where we're at:
Notice the scones high up on the wall, those totally didn't work for me, too high to be reading lights, and with our lamps directly below them it just seemed redundant to have them there and I don't want anything "extra" in our bedroom, just simple, functional items.

So Lee disconnected the wires and pulled them out, patched the hole, and now we're ready to get cracking or panel'in haha
Here's where we are now.

The plan is to finish the wall this weekend, fingers crossed it all goes well.
And the Best Part is the Price, I'm not going to tell you now, because it's not finished and I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm 99% sure we have nothing else to buy for the wall and we are sooo far under budget I can't believe it!!!
Should be done by Monday!!!


  1. How exciting. It's look great and I can't wait to see it all finished! :)

  2. Love paneled walls! Can't wait to see it completed. We are having our Master repainted next week, and I am with you...nothing in there that isn't needed. I want calm!

  3. Woot Woot!!! Can't wait to see it.

    I just put up (well my BIL did) beadboard in my dining room ~ half way up the wall ~ and I LOVE it. :)

  4. Looking good! Its going to be beautiful!

  5. Looking awesome! can't wait to the the finished room! You guys work SO FAST!

  6. Love love love paneling. We are doing the same in our master as well, can't wait to see how yours turns out!


  7. I love that color! I'm thinking of doing paneling in our guest room & my husband's office. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  8. I am dying in love with your bedroom wall you created. Thanks for posting in detail on how to complete it, because I am definitely going to do this to my house!!



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