Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reduce your Waste: Take the pledge!

We've decided that with the help of our new composter and our city's fantastic recycling program that we can reduce our garbage signifigantly! We are hoping to get our total garbage down to 1 kitchen sized bag per week, that's a 38L bag  of garbage.

Our composter will help, and we've purchased another recycling bin!
I just don't believe we need to make this much garbage and I think there's a lot of you who are with me!
It's going to take a lot more then just a new recycling bin and a composter. We're going to have to start looking at what we're buying and start purchasing products with less packaging. Less plastic, more cardboard and maybe instead of buying pudding cups, we could buy pudding mix, changes like that.

I think something we've lost is the belief that we can change big business, let's show companies that less packaging is what we want! (there is no reason for toothpaste to come in a cardboard box, it's in a tube people) hehe
Join us in making the pledge to reduce your waste. It doesn't have to be 1 bag a week, it can be whatever you feel you can do!
So grab a button, and let us know!

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It Does."
~William James


  1. My family of four just made the switch a few weeks ago. We are down to one-two kitchen bags a week, when we were doing almost one a day before. Terrible!
    We changed our cans, compost EVERYTHING and stopped buying packaged food. We buy bulk and use reuseable bulk bags and make food that we bought before, like tortillas. It's been an adjustment (no more sandwich bags) but eye opening and a bit of a family adventure.
    Good luck. I can't wait to see what you accomplish.

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  3. Just a plea here: Can you give us more tips on what changes you are making?

    Amber you have great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Agreed! Back in January our local garbage collector added A LOT more items to what they would accept in the recycle bin (prior to, it was really only glass, certain plastics and newspaper) it is sooo much more! We are really trying to cut back. My downfall...paper towels...yes, I more cloth towels and use them!! Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated Ashli.

  5. When I left work and became a SAHM, reducing costs was important. We pay for the garbage can to be taken to the street but recycling is free. Although $5 doesn't sound like much, it adds up. I also found out that we pay for our yardwaste cans whether we put them to the curb or not. After a bit of investigating, we discovered all types of items that are acceptable to go into our yardwaste bin. We also discovered the local private school has an extensive recycling program to help cut tuition costs. It's amazing what can be recycled if you do a little research. Right now, we only put out our actual garbage container once a month (we are a family of three). I feel good about saving the $15 a month but even better about being more proactive in helping do things towards being responsible for our planet. We've also started buying our milk through a local supplier that sells their milk in glass bottles. A small one time deposit that is refunded if you ever stop their service is all that is required. Much better than the plastic jugs - plus it's local too. Good luck with your challenge.

  6. This is awesome Ashli! We used to only have to take the garbage out every few in Vancouver (those 38L bags) but are struggling here in Port Alberni because they don't take as many recyclable things in the recycling here (they tell you to put your glass in the GARBAGE!) If we could start composting I think we'd only have to put out the garbage once a month. It really makes a difference! I am always on the lookout to buy things in recyclable or no packaging - that is the easiest way to cut down on garbage. Way to go you guys!

    For those looking for tips, I hope Ashli will post some as she goes on her garbage reduction journey :) but here are some links to get started:
    And an awesome list from No Impact Man (watch the film if you haven't already!!)

    Hope this helps you get started Ashli, and hope everyone else finds these helpful.

  7. Oops, maybe I should have put my name as Rika so you recognized me... I know Port is your hometown :)

  8. haha Thanks Rika!!! You did know that! Thanks for the post!
    I'll be sure to add some tips as we go along! Once we figure out what works and what doesn't! hehe

  9. Oregon has a really good recycling program in place, my kids even correct me if things get put in the wrong bin. However, I completely agree with the needless packaging, it is unnecessary and so wasteful. Plus, we're paying for that packaging we through away the second we get home! Janell

  10. I started the recycling in our house, but I'm thrilled to see how into it my husband has become... he even brought a box home from work today because they wouldn't recycle it and he knew it could go in our recycle bin.

    Today was trash day and we had 1 kitchen trash bag, 2 recycle bins & 2 bags of recyclables that went to a school (fundraiser).

  11. I'm working on a post about our plan of attack against extra garbage :) I'll Post it early next week!!!
    Thank you so much to everyone who took the pledge and will be joining us in battle. hehe Maybe I'm taking this too seriously!

  12. Looking forward to hearing your plan and it's results. I'm impressed at your goal of 1 kitchen trashcan per week. While I don't think our family could meet that goal, I am inspired enough to try. Actually, I think one of our round outside trashcans that goes out to the street each week will be a great goal. We usually fill two (very loosely). This should be interesting. :)

  13. I take the pledge (on my blog even!). We reduce our waste where we can by using reusable and washable items as much as possible. As I've been doing this over the last several months, I've noticed how my mind starts thinking of other ways to reduce waste. Like energy waste and water waste. I would have felt overwhelmed if my mind had started thinking that a year ago, but it was such a natural progression now and when I feel like I can handle doing something else.

  14. I hope you had great results about it. Keep it up!



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