Friday, April 8, 2011

Flowers on Friday: How I construct a bouquet

I have received tons of emails ask me how I put together our Flowers on Friday . . . okay it's only tons if you consider 2 emails TONS, I do!
All of our bouquets are just simple grocery store bouquets, the mixed flower ones, all of our bouquets are under $10 in most cases well under $10.
Here's how I put them together:
First I take all the greenery, cut it to size and place in the container

Then add the biggest flower, in this case it would be the lilies

Then add the next largest flowers in this case the gerber daisies

And last I tuck in any tiny flowers or babies breath.

And here's how it looked on our Spring Fling Table


  1. Great minds - my post today was about some flower bouquet buckets that I made. Don't you just love them? Fresh flowers just make me happy. :-) So pretty!

  2. Beautiful. I love your site!

  3. I love your flowers on Friday posts! I assemble my arrangements the same way.

  4. Beautiful and love that fabric, too.

  5. I've never been good with plants/flowers. Since we purchased our small house on a large piece of property I'm diving in this year! First spring in the house! I love flowers around the house and never knew how to arrange them properly. Thanks for the help! =)

  6. So many choices! I love it all!



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