Friday, April 22, 2011

Cupcakes on Friday ? ? ? ?

Sorry about the missing post yesterday, we were busy with the LIVING ROOM! It's just about done :) So happy to finally have it finished! Although I'm already itching to make a couple new throw pillows for the armchairs :)  Look for the post new week!!!

But for today, we are missing flowers :( Well not really it's just you've already seen them, in our $50 hallway reveal :) I really mean $68 Hallway reveal! So I figured you wouldn't want to see them again!

So I changed it to Cupcakes on Friday!! Just this once :)
Lee's work was having a going away party for one of his coworkers so I thought Easter Cupcakes would be good! They're White Cupcakes with Confetti Sprinkles inside, and Vanilla frosting on top!! I was told they're like Easter in your Mouth! haha

I popped a little mini egg on top, because seriously who doesn't like mini eggs??



  1. LOVE the pastels! I'm sure everyone else loved them too!!!

  2. Your cupcakes are so pretty, Ashli! I'm sure Lee's co-workers were so thrilled to get them. You have such a classy touch in everything you do.

  3. The cupcakes are beautiful! And, they look yummy too. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  4. HOPPY Easter Ashli! Hope you have a lovely weekend! We must plan a blog meetup soon! Maybe in Langley?

  5. How cute! I'm sure they are quite yummy too!

    Have a great weekend


  6. They look delicious and who doesn't love a cupcake I say. Can't wait for the living room's the anticipation of waiting.... loving your great tips. Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

  7. Love the cupcakes...Would you ever consider posting a cupcake tutorial? Mine never come out as pretty, and I would love to learn your techniques for such a pretty dessert!

  8. Thanks for the cupcake love!!!
    I will definitely whip up a cupcake tutorial!!! I'm trying some strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing next week! I'll photograph it and start posting!!! :)



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