Monday, April 4, 2011

Console Table!

Time to introduce you to our Front Hall Console Table, I mean Media Cabinet, turned Hallways Console Table! Not that we did anything special to make it a hall console, it's just the tag said media cabinet and I said no it's not, that has to be the worst story of all time, but that's how it went down.

I Loved it because of all of the drawers, and the two open cubbies at the top, if it was all drawers it would just look like a dresser!
He came from the Sears Outlet Store, and was marked down from $650 to . . . $300, because it had a tiny dent in the side :) But our little houseplant covers it easily and we saved $350, not that I would have spent $650 in the first place (I'm far too cheap for that).

In fact shelling out the $300 was a bit painful for me, but it's the first thing you see when you come in the front door, you can see it from the Living Room, Dining Room, Library and it's also right smack in front of you when you come down the stairs, so I wanted to make sure it was special!

The rug came from The Home Depot, we chose it because of the colors! Our whole house seems to be based off of this rug.
This is also the stop where the sun comes streaming in through the windows, if the suns out Max can always be found on the rug, sitting in the sun!

The Lamp is a Very very large lamp from Homesense (they have the best lamps). It's white ceramic with an oval shaped white shade. With the console being so dark and HUGE we wanted to balance that with a BIG white lamp!
{I darkened the photo so you can see the lamp better, hope that helps}

You might remember our mirror from the Mudroom of our last Manor! It's just a simple, nickel framed mirror from Home Depot, and the decal is from Etsy! The Shop we bought ours from closed up shop, but if you type in Family Decal, there are a few companies on etsy that make the same decal :)

The Green Baskets are from Michaels (we always wait for michaels to have a sale on their baskets before we buy them, we got each of these guys at 50% off).

Honestly after we bought this console, I thought I would have some buyers remorse, but  as soon as we put him in place I was so happy we spent the extra money. Since you can see him from almost anywhere on the main floor, the price per view is very reasonable :) hehe

And last if you're wondering about the little birdy key hooks and missed our post about them, here's a little post I like to call . . . Tweet, tweet here's your keys!


  1. That is the perfect entry way piece. Its lines would work with so many styles so you could use it for years to come if you ever want to change your look-and only $300, well done!

  2. I love it! That is a great statement piece. Love the combo of drawers and baskets too. And, of course Kylee is drooling over Max!! She too has a spot she loves to lay in the sun.

  3. Gorgeous piece and it is perfect for this spot. Love your accessories also. Hugs, Marty

  4. Gorgeous! By the way I love the lettering on your mirror I might just have to steal that idea from you (I will give you credit of course)!

  5. That is a great deal you got!

  6. It looks Fabulous! I just wanted to ask you a question I mention your blog on a post that I did today but I don't know how to do the link, I see people that wright the name of the blog and by clicking on it people can go and see it, so just check it out and thanks again for the colors, I love my hallway.

  7. Your whole house looks wonderful, so neat and tidy all the time. I especially loved the picture of Max. It brought back so many wonderful memories of our Lily. She loved to follow the sun around the house. We have windows in our stairwells, and most sunny days you could find her snoozing on one of the steps, in the warm sun. We have a Bichon now, Haley, but she doesn't seem to like the sun as much as Lily did. I think because she has too much curly fluffy fur, and she just gets too warm. Give Max a big hug for me...he is precious.

  8. What a beautiful console. I does look like you paid much more. I like your philosophy of cost per view ;). Kim

  9. Your entry way is beautiful! I think you got a really good deal on the console. Thanks for sharing!



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