Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Table

Spring is here and we're having our first little dinner party of the season, so out came the bright spring dishes and the new spring napkins.

Since Spring  seems like a simple season to me (Winter seems much more formal, I don't know why, maybe it's because of all the roasts and big heavy meals, and spring is full of salads and BBQ so I guess that's why I think Spring seems less formal), the table has only one knife and fork, a simple white dinner plate and, as always, a little patterned side plate on top.

I LOVE these little plates, I saw them at Homesense (they're made by TAG) and they screamed SPRING to me so I grabbed four at $2.99 they were well worth it :)

The Napkins are made from Fabric found at Jo-Ann fabrics, it also screamed SPRING to me :) (Spring is a loud season for me :) At $7.97 a meter it was a great price because I made 4 napkins out of one meter and there's no way I could find such funky napkins for cheaper then $2.00!
When I sew napkins I do a double fold and a mitered corner, the mitered corner makes all the difference! and it's just as easy to do, I followed this TUTORIAL

The little spring table makes me smile! I'm very glad we went super neutral in the dining room, it makes it really easy for us to do crazy bright table like this, or for more formal occasions go back to my default WHITE flowers with WHITE dishes :)
I hope you like our little Spring Table, and we'll come join us tomorrow for a spring-y flowers on Friday!


  1. Love those plates, and the fabric! Definitely screams SPRING is here!! Finally. I am loving our all white dishes as well. So easy to mix and match with. Beautiful flowers as well.

  2. So pretty, love the fabric choice. By the way you have done an excellent job at Spring cleaning, I havent even started.

  3. Beautiful! I love the fabric you used for your napkins. The yellow tulips are lovely. I picked up some pink ones yesterday.

  4. Definately a beautiful happy table setting. I'm hopeless at those mitred corners (did quilting years ago)....may need to give them another try soon I think. Enjoying your posts. Regards Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

  5. What a pretty table! I love the colors and just how bright and HAPPY this table looks!

  6. Definitely an inspired fabric. I just saw that one pop up on Centsational Girl the other day as well!

    Here it is at Joann in case anyone wants to snag some:

    (And no, I don't work for them. Bookmarked the link when I saw it on CG!)



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