Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning: The never ending saga continues

Spring cleaning is still happening around The Manor this week, with the house being twice the size of our old house it's taking me three times as long as the old house (I never was any good at Math).
This is the LAST week of spring cleaning!
Finally finished the Kitchen:
  • The stainless has been polished, the cupboards washed down, the fridge is clean and organized, the counters have been re-sealed (to read more about sealing granite follow the link). The floors have been scrubbed, and the stove taken apart and cleaned inside and out, the last thing to do is polish the pots and pans, Look for that post tomorrow!

  • The Living Room coffee table was in desperate need of some wax, so he got waxed today :) We use Clapham's Beeswax Polish, it works great!!!

  • I tore apart the couch to vacuum under the cushions. We pulled the couch off the wall and vacuumed behind it! 
  • We cleaned the TV screen. Our TV is an LCD model and to clean the screen safely and effectively we make a solution of 50% rubbing alcohol, and 50% distilled water, put it into a spray bottle, spray it on to a lint free cloth (we use an old t-shirt) and clean your screen. Don't spray it directly onto the screen because it will run down!
  • I spent the better part of an afternoon cleaning the leaves of our houseplants. It's important to clean the leaves because a layer of dust on the leaves blocks the sun and makes it hard for the plant to photosynthesize. You should do it as often as needed, it all depends on how much dust you have in your house. 
  • For our rubber tree I use a clean cloth and a spray bottle full of water, I spray each leaf and wipe it down, it's super time consuming but rubber plants seem to get super dirty.
  • For the rest of the houseplants they get put into the tub and given a nice relaxing shower, they Love getting cleaned, they love getting watered and the Love the humidity it creates. I usually leave them in the tub for a couple extra hours with the shower curtain closed.

  • And last we didn't have to do this but, if we were in our old house I would definitely be doing it right now, we would be pulling out our washer and dryer to vacuum the lint out from behind. Here's a picture from behind our old washer and dryer after one year: 

So happy Spring cleaning if you're still tackling it like us, or if you haven't started it yet or I suppose it's a very happy spring cleaning for those of you who have already finished :)


  1. We are still moving things around, but as I do I am cleaning too! Been wanting to scrub the hardwoods downstairs, but it's been raining, so not worth it! I'm loving what I'm seeing in the upstairs hallway. My brother used to take a little milk on a cloth and wipe his larger plants with it, makes them super shiny. Go figure!

  2. I like how you take care of your plants! Mine could use a steam bath.

  3. Wow! Just found you today at NJAH, and I have to say that I am impressed. I am not a naturally organized person, and I often let things go more than I would like. I am working on improving routines and getting to a place where my house is guest-ready at a moment's notice. With two kids under two, I realize that this could be just a pipe dream, but I am going to try! And seeing detailed descriptions of how others like you do it, I think I have a good chance and succeeding. :)

  4. My aunt makes plants shine with a little bit of mayo on a wet cloth (to me, less valuable than the milk) The leaves don't get gunky but stay nice and shiny for a long time.



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