Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simple Human Garbage Can of my Dreams . . . . Seriously did I just write that?

I know it sounds dramatic, a little over the top, maybe even a little crazy but I can't help it I'm in Love with a garbage can.

It's made by simple human and it's the most well thought out garbage can I've ever met. It's probably the most well thought our piece of kitchen equipment I've owned in a long time.
I'm not going to sugar coat it . . . it's expensive, capital EX capital PENSIVE. In fact this little guy almost reached a three digit price tag. But to be honest it's worth it!
Here's what I love:
- Finger proof Stainless I can't stand fingerprints on stainless, I'd rather have crumbs in my bed.
 - Slow close lid! You know how you open the lid (using the petal), and you take your foot off the petal and the lid smashes closed? This trash can doesn't do that it has a little hydraulic that slowly closes the lid after you take your foot off.
-the lid is hinged on the inside so you can push the can right against the wall and open it without the lid smacking into the wall.

Check out the video:

-There's a little red stopper button. If you want the lid to stay open, for example during a thanksgiving potato peeling marathon, you just slide the little red stopper over and voila you've freed up your hands and your foot.
 -It hides the garbage bag. I LOVE that you can't see the garbage bag hanging over the top.
-There is a little step inside the unit that holds the can up when your ready to put a new bag in.
-Simple Human makes bags specifically for their bins, they fit perfectly!

-But if you'd like to buy your own there is a little hole at the back of the can that you can tuck the excess garbage bag into.

I realize this sounds like an advertisement for Simple Human, But I can assure you that I am in NO WAY compensated for this post. I just thoroughly LOVE this garbage can!
There are also bigger versions, smaller versions and versions with built in recycling bins! There's a garbage can out there for everyone! I fully understand that it has an outrageous price tag, but I don't mind paying for perfection! haha Perfection in a garbage can . . . you know your a domestic when :)


  1. I can completely sympathize with love for a garbage can! :) Before we bought our current house, we lived in a rental where the first thing you saw when you walked in the door was - BAM - trash can. So I developed a healthy obsession with finding the *perfect* one. :) Your new one sounds pretty fancy!

  2. Love it have one similar.And I do understand the can obsession lol You wouldn't believe the rules I have for set for them before they even make it into the house.

  3. What a handy feature that the lid can stay open. I feel your love ;) Wonder if they'll ship to Australia!

  4. I have one very similar to yours. Same company different model. It is worth every penny.

    Mine has wheels. So, you can roll it over to a comfy spot while you have your peelin' marathon! I get why it is worthy of a post ;)

  5. What a great design, thanks for sharing!

  6. wow, that is nice! We got a cheaper version of a stainless trash can but I have to wipe the fingerprints a lot.

  7. I have the same one and I love it!!! I've had mine for a year now, I had to get one that was dog proof! It is great!

  8. I've owned two from Simple Human and loved both. We moved our old one downstairs to my craft room when we redid the kitchen and I purcahsed a new one for there. They are the best, as are a lot of their products (automatic hand soap dispenser is the bomb in the kitchen for germy hands). Just an FYI, we've used Hefty Gripper bags in ours, and they work great, and are a lot less expensive. But, I recently discovered Target's version and they are even cheaper and work just as well.

  9. My daughter has one of the motion sensor ones in her house. I loved it when I was there to visit. No room in my current narrow galley kitchen.

    The funniest thing was watching her cat on the island leaning over the edge and waving her paw to see it open and shut!

  10. So much better than my plastic trashcan hidden beneath my kitchen sink. Unfortunately, I do not have another place to keep it, and I couldn't fit your lovely lidded version beneath my sink. If we ever (hopefully) move, I am definitely shopping Simple Human! Thanks for sharing. I had been wondering about that trashcan after seeing it pictured in previous posts.

  11. We have the same trash can and it is awesome! I balked at the price initially, but am so glad we bought it.

  12. Nice trash can. I saw the same one on ebay ( brand new ). Really cheaper than the price online

  13. We bought the triple digit priced taller one! I researched garbage cans for over a week online and in stores. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!! We didn't go for the J bags, our Costco ones are good enough, and cheaper. We do tuck them and they work nicely. We have 2 cats and a dog who would try to get in our other trash on the floor, so we put it on the barstool, out of their reach. Ick, who wants to look at that? We did it for a long time. On Mother's Day, I went out on a search for the perfect can. I found it for $139, and I used a 20% off coupon. As a single mom, and teacher with two jobs, I hesitated...for about 30 seconds. No regrets! Happy Mother's Day to me! A MUST, was the fingerprint proof can. We are happy campers and out pets stay out of the trash. Win, win!



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