Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St.Patrick's Day: Table Setting!

Earlier this year we celebrated Chinese New Year, and that took care of half of my heritage. And today we're celebrating another part of my heritage. HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY!
We aren't doing too much to celebrate tonight, just a couple of friends coming over for some Dinner!
On the menu:
-Shepard's Pie (*we make ours with ground buffalo, it has more nutritional value then ground beef, it's easier to digest and it's pretty darn yummy)
-Irish Soda Bread
-Old Fashioned Root Beer (for Me)
-A couple of Guiness Beers (for Lee)
-and Rainbow Cupcakes with green vanilla frosting for dessert!
If your not a big Beer drinker, try a Root Beer or Boylen's Creamy Red Birch Beer, made from Pure Cane Sugar :) Yum!!
If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you might have read I spent yesterday sewing . . . Here are one set of the napkins I was sewing! I love light green fabric with the teeny tiny polka dots :)

Wishing everyone a super Joyful St.Patrick's Day! Sending The Luck of the IRISH your way!!!


  1. Your cupcake stand is so pretty! Where did you find it?

    Happy St. Patty's Day!~

  2. Happy St. Patrick's day! Your table looks really lovely! Birch beer, yum! I don't see that soda very often.

  3. So sweet! How about a tut about the nappies? I am sure they are pretty easy, but if you have time, do you mind sharing how you made them? Happy St Patrick's day to you and yours Ashli!!

  4. So pretty tablescape! Can you post the recipe for Shepherd's pie? I've never made one.

  5. Thanks!!!
    April- The cupcake stand is actually two cake stands, they are made by Martha Stewart and I bought them from the Macy's Home Store :)
    Lisa- Thanks, I'm glad someone else knew about birch beer, Lee thought I was crazy but now he loves it too.
    Mr.Goodwill Hunting- Yeah Buffalo!! hehe a lot of specialty butchers carry it. It tastes a lot like beef but has 70% to 90% less fat. 50% less cholesterol, more protien, iron and amino acids then beef :) hope that helps
    Ms.Cupcake- I will definitely post a napkin tutorial it's very easy! I just sewed up some spring napkins, little hummingbirds and everything!
    Jacki- I Sure will post the recipe, I feel a bit silly about it though, my secret ingrediant is cream of mushroom soup :) I'll post it later today :)

  6. Love the napkins and your cupcakes look so yummy on that cake plate!




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