Friday, March 18, 2011

Flowers on Friday: Happy Bouquet!

You might have seen our little green guy yesterday on our St.Patrick's Day table!
When Lee brought him home he actually looked like this:
 Little happy face sticking out and all!!
He's made his way onto the living room Side Table (more on those next week). 
 He makes me smile when I see him, not the most discreet, elegant bouquet but oh so very cute.
Wishing everyone has a smiley face bouquet kind of weekend :)

We're actually posting this on Thursday Night, as we'll be partaking in a Bloggers Day of Silence.
We'll be sending our well wishes, prayers and a donation in the hopes of better days ahead for the people of Japan.


  1. What a cheery bouquet, also love the table it is on. Everything is looking very Spring like:)

  2. So wish I had known about this, fantastic idea!

  3. Love your side table. Can you share where you bought it? Thank you!

  4. The side tables are from Ikea they are actually Meltorp console tables we cut down. Look for a post about them next week, I'm working on a tutorial on how they came to be :)
    thanks for asking!



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