Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Present: Hall Console

I Told you yesterday about my very sweet Valentine's Present from Lee. This is what I woke up to find:

Here's the Whole Story:
On Saturday we were at Homesense when I spotted the Perfect Console table for our upstairs hallway. I begged, I pleaded but Lee just wouldn't agree, he cocked his head to the side and said, "I dunno I just don't like it". So we left, a little sad . . . okay a lot sad.
Then I woke up Valentine's Morning and there she was, just sitting pretty, right in her spot in the hallway with a little bow on her. Turns out Lee went back to the store when he was "renting a movie" and picked it up, hid it in the garage, made up a reason I couldn't go into the garage (apparently he had to park his car in the garage to do an oil change (an oil change that lasted all weekend), then carried the console up the stairs Monday Morning before work (while I was sleeping) and waited at work for my excited phone call.
I LOVE the rustic weathered wood, and I LOVE the numbered doors, I LOVE how narrow it is, it's only 8 inches deep, so perfect for our regular width hallway. But most of all I LOVE the hubs for surprising me :)

Here's the Catch: Because the console table for the hallway was a little more then I wanted to spend on a hall table I've given my self what I'm calling the $50 Challenge!
I'm going to try and spend no more then $50 on the rest of the hallway accessories.
That $50 needs to include:
  • A lamp
  • A Plant
  • A container for the plant
  • Artwork, maybe a mirror.
  • Any accessories
Now before you declare that impossible, we have a lot of Homeless picture frames, and artwork from The Old Manor. I'm going to try and reuse as much as possible, maybe paint some frames, make some artwork.

I'll keep you updated on my progress, fingers crossed it comes in on budget.
Here's the BEFORE:


  1. What a great surprise and a lovely piece!!

  2. Ahhhh how sweet of him. Can't wait to see it with all the accessories :)

  3. She's a beauty and the story made it all that much sweeter!

    Many Blessings,

  4. I love it!! What a sweet surprise too!

  5. Such a neat table!! I love that your hubby surprised you with it. How fun! I look forward to seeing what else you do in the hall!

  6. I love the console and it will always have special meaning to you.

  7. I saw this at Homesense also and loved it!!
    I just didn't have a place to put it :(
    What a great surprise.
    Looking forward to see the finished hallway!

  8. Very sweet story and I can't wait to see what you do with your challenge!

  9. Eeek is that purple behind the letters? I love it!!! And what a sweet story, my hubby did sort of the same thing with my gift- a Nook Color! <3

  10. What a great piece and a great husband!

  11. How sweet of Lee! What a wonderful husband and a lovely surpirse to wake up to. That a beautiful piece!

  12. You have a real GEM for a husband! Now re-purpose one of those frames you have and go to the Graphics Fairy on line and download some art (some downloads are free). Then you could probably find a lamp and plant for your $50.00.

  13. You have a keeper there Ashli!
    Lee sounds so sweet and won't it be nice to remember his gesture every time you walk past this perfect piece of furniture.
    Have fun with the final touches.

  14. YAY! How sweet! Cannot wait to see what you come up with! :) It is the perfect depth!! I need something deep...or should I say shallow :)
    my hallway upstairs is so narrow... Great find :) Great surprise!

  15. Awe Lee's so happy everyone liked it :) Although I think he's more excited he looks like husband of the year :) Which he is of course ;) geez . . . .
    Violet- sorry to disappoint you but it's actually bluer then it is purple I think my camera makes it look a little purple :)I hope you still like it. although with a name like Violet . . . I have a feeling Blue just won't cut it for you haha

  16. What a cutie! Can't wait to hear what you stash in it, i have similar size piece and never know what to store in the little drawers.
    Hope you'll do a post on that, love your ideas :)

  17. And I LOVE the way your hubby surprised you with it! Sounds just like something mine would do. So happy to have found your beautiful blog! I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back. Now, I must go snoop around your posts for a while!

  18. I love the console table, it's gorgeous and so unique - I've never seen anything like it! I found you at DIY by Design, and I loved "touring" your townhome. Can't wait for more pic's of the current home! You've got a new follower :)



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