Friday, February 25, 2011

Flowers on Friday: Dining Room Deja Vu

I'm afraid you've already seen my flowers on friday, you saw it on Wednesday during our Dining Room Reveal. I asked Lee on Tuesday if maybe, just this once I could have my flowers early, he said NO WAY! But then came home with a beautiful Green and White bouquet (I might have mentioned a few times out loud on Monday how nice a green and white bouquet would look, who new husbands listened?)
It's 50% filler leaves (which I like! One day I'll make a bouquet out of just leaves, does that still count as a bouquet?) There are white lilies, white gerbers, white mums, daisies, white carnations, and some babies breath .
This one definitely goes down as one of my Favorite all time flowers on friday!

So here's a little deja vu, for you (I'm a poet).
Our dining room bouquet, all green and white!

Wish us luck this weekend, we are determined to cross off some TO DOs and some MUST DOs, still haven't decided whether or not to run the wires for the lamp in the hall. I'll let you know on Monday!


  1. Love your blog!! I have a perhaps "silly" question.

    What does "SUSPENDED" mean in your blogroll?

  2. Good luck! Have a great weekend!

    -Chic Done Cheap

  3. Love them! I'm thinking an arrangement of all leaves would be really cool. We are right there with ya...trying to get projects done. Kate has a tourney tomorrow though! It is all 11s and 12s. Should be fun!!

  4. I love the bouquet! So pretty! How sweet is your husband. =]

  5. Perhaps next Friday you could show us how to put together a lovely bouquet like that. All mine are singles --unless the store did them for me!
    Have a great weekend. It's fun to get a lot done.

  6. That's not a silly question,
    SUSPENDED under our blog roll is actually my link to Young House Love, but it always comes up suspended, I'm not sure why! I kind of forgot about it, Thanks for the reminder I'll look into it this weekend :)

  7. I love fresh flowers! I'm determined to plant a flower garden this year - I planned one last year and ended up returning all my seeds because I waited too long. I plan to do better this year :)

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  9. The table looks stunning, and that vase is just amazing!! PS: There is a blog award on my blog for you!



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