Thursday, February 24, 2011

$50 challenge update: Farsbo Lamp

Just an update on our $50 hallway challenge:
You might recognize the Mirror, it's from our original Manor. He previously lived in the Dining Room. 
I found the lamp at Ikea yesterday, it was the perfect diameter (I've been having trouble finding a lamp that will fit on our narrow console). It has a very nice silhouette to it, and the price was just right at $21.99 Canadian, I would tell you the American price but I can't find it on the website, then I checked the Canadian website and it's not there either. Apparently I just imagined the perfect lamp.
Maybe, it was all just a fantastic Ikea shopping dream (it wouldn't be the first).
I was told it just came in from the woman who worked there after she heard my little squeal when I found it :), true story.
So I hope it will make it's way on to the website soon, but if you live in BC it's there, trust me :)

I bought the Ekas Shade to go with it for $8.00, so for $30.00 I have a perfect lamp for the hallway console!

But one little, teeny, tiny problem, it's so tiny it's barely worth mentioning but . . . . 
When I put the lamp together, brought it up stairs, put it on top of the console, then tried to plug it in, I noticed there isn't an electrical outlet on that side of the hall :S eeeerrrrrrr .  . . . . oops.
I threw what could only be called a mild hissy fit :) and Lee did his detective work, and being the super handy, electrical engineer that he is, said it wouldn't be too much work for him to install an electrical outlet on that side, it would simply involve cramming stuffing smashing putting  his 6'8" body into the 4' tall attic crawling about 15 feet in insulation then running the wires. He said he could do it this weekend (husband of the year or what?). But I'm still debating whether or not we should just scrap the idea of a lamp.
I'll let you know how it goes on Monday :)


  1. Bummer...hate when that happens!! It looks great though.....

  2. Ok, you lost me on Lee trying to crawl his way through the attic!! LOL Now that I gotta see!! He is such a saint. I do love the lamp!!

  3. Good luck this weekend!

    -Chic Done Cheap

  4. I was going to suggest a different shade.....before i read the part about you picking it out. I assumed it came with the lamp since it looks so........standard. Not a fan of it. Sorry. How about a battery operated lamp or candle?

  5. Looks great....Loooove the mirror there. You really did get the husband of the year, girl!!!



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