Monday, January 24, 2011

Meal Plan Monday!

I'm trying something new today . . . . . well, new to the blog, old to me :)
On Sunday nights I plan our meals for the week, only to Friday, we like to be more spur of the moment on the weekends. (we're crazy like that :S)

So because I like to share the things that go into making our Manor work, here's my first installment of Meal Plan Monday. It's also a great way to share some of our Favorite Meals, and share some of our cheaper meal ideas.

Here's our philosophy around dinners and meal planning in general.
  • We make at least one vegetarian meal a week.
  • We make one very cheap meal (under $5) a week.
  • We make one "special" meal a week (something that takes a little more time, and effort)
  • Something ethnic
  • Something super easy.
We try to fit all of this into each week's plan, not every week lives up to the plan but we try.
And the LUNCH portion of the meal plan is for Lee, and all of his Lunches are made to travel to the office with him. Me, I just eat what ever is around the house, soup, leftovers, a fried egg on toast (organic and Free-run of course :)

Here's this week plan:

Lunch: Leftover Pulled Pork Sandwiches (Leftover from last nights dinner)
Dinner: Pasta Shells with Bacon and Pea's (it's from Jamie Oliver, Follow the LINK to get the recipe). This is  one of our favorite quick meals. (Note: we cut out the Mint, I don't like Mint)

Lunch: Tuna Fish Sandwiches, with yogurt and granola. And trail mix for a snack.
Dinner: Bruschetta and a garden salad (super simple dressing of lemon juice and olive oil, and don't forget the salt and pepper :)

Lunch: Pita with hummus (it's really easy to make yourself, try it once and you'll never buy it again, it's also super cheap). And a ham and swiss Pita (to use up the leftover Pita bread).
Dinner: Roast Chicken with roasted red potatos, carrots, parsnips and beets.

Lunch: Leftover Vegetables, and another Ham and Swiss sandwich on Dark Rye Bread.
Dinner: Shepard's Pie (I make mine with cream of mushroom soup, not very posh but it taste delicious).

Lunch: Leftover Shepard's Pie, yogurt, granola and a banana.
Dinner: Chicken a la King (or Queen as I'm the one who makes it). I use the leftover chicken on the carcass, and the dark meat from Wednesday nights Roasted Chicken.

And there's The Maillardville Manor's 1st Meal Plan Monday!


  1. Great ideas! We clean our pantry and frig out every Sunday afternoon, and then do the shopping for the week. I pack Kate's lunch everyday (have since both girls started school). We plan our meals for a week at a time too, taking into consideration her activities and the time we have to sit down to eat (a must, we eat as a family no matter what).

  2. Nice! Thabks for the ideas!

  3. That shells with bacon and peas looks yummy! I think I'll try it! Thanks!

  4. This is a great addition for the blog!!! My hubby and I are just now tring to do the same, since we work crazy hours and end up going out to eat nearly everyday :( I would love to get some tips! especially on things you've found that reheat well.

  5. I post my weekly menu plan (with links to some of the recipes) and grocery list on Sundays. :)

    PS: We're having shepherd's pie this week too!

  6. Can I just copy your meal plan? ;) Seriously, everything looks yummy and healthy. A great week at your house, I bet!

  7. I have the SAME 5 rules to my weekly menu! I'm always curious as to how other housewives plan their weekly meals - I'm so glad you posted this!

    I love the look and sound of that Pasta Shells with Bacon and Peas -- but it calls for crème fraîche which I cannot find anywhere! I have a few other recipes that call for it too and I can't find it at the farmers market of my local grocery. I know I'm missing out!

  8. Great addition to yoru blog. I too am a part time stay at home housewife, but I really lack in the organization of meal planning. Our accountant asked us to track how much we spend on food for a month and we are up to $800 for 2 of us, not including how much we eat out. I will start planning meals and I should be able to save more money. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I just came across your blog & love it! It is so refreshing to see a blog that is humble and interesting at the same time. I love the pictures of Max! I, too, adopted my 2nd dog rescued from a puppy mill. It has almost been a year, but he is coming around & is the most loving dog I have ever had! He is still shy with others, but I know patience is the key with him. Thank you for putting the word out there with adopting from rescue groups.

  10. Its Shepherd's pie.

  11. I've been writing out our menu plans for the past few months as well, it makes me feel oh so domestic godess like!
    I flag the pages in the recipe books or have the torn out magazines pages on the fridge under the list and love that I'm making new meals and there's a balance of meatless meals/ salad/just a bit fancy.
    Thanks for the link to Jamie's pasta, I've printed that to try out soon.

  12. I do a two week meal plan. Since we are already ethnic we try to incorporate some american food instead :)

  13. I've never been organized enough to plan my meals for a week. Of course that means that we're constantly having the boring conversation that goes something like this: "What do you want?" "I don't know, what about you?" "I don't know..." And so on, etc. Actually, it's getting pretty tedious! Maybe I should make a plan, too!! ;-)
    Sounds like we're going to have a great blogger-lunch turnout... hope you can make it too! I'll be sending location info tomorrow or Wednesday :-)

  14. I love these meal plan Monday posts. Please continue these forever and ever! Norma



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