Friday, January 21, 2011

Flowers on Friday: Anniversary Edition

Last Friday was our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary, so naturally that meant flowers . . . . . naturally :)
Even on our anniversaries we stick to our $10 flower rule, by we, clearly I mean Lee.
Here's my mixed flower bouquet. It had some Gerbers (a favorite of mine, but they don't last very long so they aren't a common flower seen around The Manor). It had some monstrous Lilies, some babies breath, some greenery . . . . it was lovely! I put them all into a white ceramic pitcher and have now had them for a week! The lilies are just starting to die! The Gerbers are long gone!

I've been thinking of an entire bouquet of babies breath . . . .what do you think? Charlotte from Sex and the City had a bouquet of babies breath as her bridal bouquet, it looked kinda neat! I'm thinking I might have found next Friday's Flowers :)


  1. Happy Anniversary, I like the $10

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. They are beautiful Ashli....and I say go for the Babies Breath!

    Many Blessings,

  3. Happy Anniversary Ashli and Lee!! I love fresh flowers in a home too. I think the Baby's Breath would make a great winter arrangement. I could even see some twigs added.

  4. can't wait to see a house tour of your new house!

  5. Happy anniversary !
    That's strange what you've said about the gerbers , my family owns a flowershop and they actually last a long time , especially the mini gerbers . Do you cut their stems often , so they don't get mushy ?

  6. I'm a little guilty of being a bad bouquet keeper! I didn't know I should trim the stems off!!
    here's my A-HA moment! It makes sense!
    Should I do it everyday?
    Thanks avocett

  7. And Wendy!
    I can't wait to have a house tour up and running too! I'm going to add to it as I finish the rooms! or finish them to the point I'm not embarrassed to show you :) The Library will be next week! Quickly followed by the Kitchen, Then Laundry Room, Then bedroom, then Craft Room, then who knows! That's the plan anyways! Oh yeah and the living room is in there somewhere!! hehe
    I wish we could do it all at once but we have neither the funds nor the energy, okay maybe we're just missing the funds haha
    Next week should be a big week!

  8. Hi Ashli,
    Have you found a local place that sells flowers for under $10?? They are beautiful.

  9. Hi Roxanne!
    I haven't but Lee has :) He won't tell me! He keeps all of his flower spots a secret from me. I'll get him to comment on this post and let you know where it is!!!
    As for me
    My $10 picks come from SAFEWAY, Thrifty Foods and Superstore !!!!

  10. Roxanne,

    Lee here. I've been cornered and forced to give up my secrets on finding my flower deals so here it goes.
    It's a little place on the corner of 56th Ave and 177b st in cloverdale. It's along my drive home and I think they have good prices for the quality.
    Hope that helps and good luck.

  11. Hi Roxanne,

    Lee again. Shows you how good I am at blogging and commenting, I forgot to give you the name.
    It's called Kieths Florist, 5615 177B Street, Surrey.
    Have fun!

  12. Happy Anniversary! I also use a white jug to display a flower arrangement, the white makes the colours pop.
    Trimming the stems every other day and renewing the water I find keeps the blooms going so much longer Ashli.
    $10 a bunch is fab.

  13. Thanks, Lee! I'll have to show my husband your comment as a little hint!! (Sorry to spoil your secret!).



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