Thursday, December 30, 2010

What goes up, must come down!

Since Lee has the week off the first thing we tackled was getting down the Christmas Decorations. Usually I do it myself but since this year we have a tree the size of a house it was not only nice to have Lee's help, but completely necessary!

Here are some of our tricks to make next years set up a bit easier:
  • First is the Christmas Tree duffle bag!  It's bigger than me! It's much nicer then a torn up box, it stores just as well, and because of it shape there was also room inside for our garland! and the bag will hold up better then the box! plus, we have a tree in a duffle bag, that's pretty cool :)
  •  We have big red storage bins for our Indoor and Outdoor decorations. 
  • To keep our lights from tangling we wrap them around cardboard.

  • We keep our  wreath in a storage container made for wreaths. I've had wreaths I've loved before but one year crammed in a tote and they're destroyed. $7 is a good investment to save a  wreath.

  • The red Storage bins for Christmas are an investment I would definitely make again! I know red means Christmas I don't have to open boxes trying to find something I'm looking for in July. And I don't have to take time trying to read labels on bins that are 6 feet above my head. RED=Christmas! Simple
  • We I wrap all of our delicate ornaments in paper and store them in small plastic containers inside the bigger plastic containers I don't have many precious ornaments but the ones I do have are worth the extra effort to keep them safe!
That's about it!
Tomorrow we are working on some Garage storage solutions for our Christmas Decorations because as I write this the giant Christmas Tree duffle bag has taken my parking spot in the garage :(


  1. Good tips! Our attic is much smaller now that we have a new air conditioning unit taking up Christmas boxes only have one place to go. But if I had a larger storage area, I think color coded is the way to go! I love buying the "show off" ornament storage bins at Target after Christmas. Saves a lot of room. :)

  2. Where did you get your wreath storage container? I really need one of those!

  3. THAN me. It should read "It's bigger than me". Then is a place in time, than is a word used in comparisons.
    Just trying to help you make your spelling as great as your blog.

  4. Great tips for organizing! Everything looks so neat, it will come out looking great next year!

  5. It makes such a difference to take the time and organize it all'll make decorating a cinch next year! I love the wreath boxes. We have 3!! And, all of our decorations are stored in plastic totes as well...easy to label and it keeps the moisture out!

  6. The Wreath Storage container comes from TARGET! It's super handy!!!!
    Hope that Helps

  7. ash! loving the storage organization nod here :) Hope you had an amazing Christmas season. We were busy bees last night painting trim and window window treatments coming soon!! I LOVE your wreath storage container...wish I could find one around here!!!
    Talk soon,
    Becky :)

  8. How'd you get so smart? It took me years to discover clever storage and you make it look so easy! Hope you have a very happy new year!

  9. What type of bag did you get and where? I'm looking on amazon and reading some not so good reviews. We've got a 9ft tree and have to shove that into an attic with a tight opening. Really need a good sturdy bag! Thanks!

  10. I'm about to dismantle our small tree and pack away the decorations. Unfortunately I don't find this as as appealing as decorating the tree!
    Great ideas Ashli and Happy New Year to you, Lee and Max !

  11. Hey Ashli

    Happy New Year. I can see you guys are having so much fun with the new manor! Everything looks great! I love the wreath container - this is new to me.
    All the best in 2011.

  12. This is a great post..I have several of those wreath containers, and I'm about ready to buy several more. Like you said, it keeps the wreath from being mashed. I borrowed my son's P-Touch labeler and I've started to making labels for my Chrismas Tubs too. We have a hodgepodge of colored tubs and containers, so I am going to attempt to organize mine better. Have some clear containers that are empty that I don't want to throw out because I know just as soon as I get rid of them, I'll want them and have to buy them again, so I'm going to put those on the side of the garage that holds the walker and potty chair and crutches..We don't have a lot of storage and no attic space so it all gets stored above the garage rafters. The hard part is getting it up and down from those rafters when needed.



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