Monday, November 22, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

I'd like to thank the Academy . . . . just kidding! I really should be thanking Kinga and Joe from Blueloom. They've passed on The Stylish Blogger Award to The Maillardville Manor!!!

Because This is my First Award I had to read up on the rules:
         I  have to Thank the person who sent the award my way. 
         List 7 things about myself.
         and pick  new blogs I've recently found and enjoyed! and Pass the award on to them!

So Here goes:
1) Thank you again to Kinga and Joe of Blueloom! You might remember Kinga from her guest post here back in September, if you missed it Follow the Link.

2) 7 things about myself

-I am married to a very sweet, very gentle Giant, for 5 years now!

-We are hoping to start a family in a few years through Adoption or surrogacy.

-I don't like to travel much because I don't like leaving our dog Max :) (I know, it's crazy).

(he weighs 4lbs and 2 of those lbs are tongue!)

 -I hate conflict but can hold a grudge a long time ( right Lee . . . . like the time you forgot me at the Mall!!) haha Seriously though he did!

-I can be a little obsessive, I get on these kicks, like a cholesterol kick where poor Lee couldn't have an egg yolk for almost 6 months. Or an every meal has to be from scratch kick, I mean, even the ketchup was homemade, that kick didn't last  long.

-I love to play Volleyball, it's where I met Lee, but I HATE going to the gym!

-I have a tattoo of a Canadian Maple Leaf, I got when I was 16 (and I am finally old enough to say, "who gives a 16 year old a tattoo anyways?" Oh so old now! haha)

3) Pass it on to  bloggers I've recently discovered! This one was harder because with the big move I haven't had much time to surf the blog world.I could name hundreds of bloggers I've followed for years that I find Stylish! But I'm going to stick to the rules and name 2 new to me bloggers I find Stylish!

 Cupcakes and Ruby Slippers - Love that name by the way!!!

 Buttercream Barbie - my new go to for anything baking related!


  1. Hey Ashli

    You are very welcome!
    I hate the gym also...I get most of my exercise gardening and doing yard work...winter is a little lazy for me :)

  2. Max is cute as a button! Congratulations!

  3. Oh THANK YOU! How sweet! I am so glad you come see me at my blog during your down time! I adore your blog too! You know that!
    Thanks for the thoughtful award!

  4. Congrats on your award! You definitely are a stylish blogger. =)

  5. Congratulations! I think it is a very fitting award for you. :)

  6. When you were left at the mall you should have just shopped your heart out with a sweet "Why, I thought that's what you wanted me to do, Lee, bless your heart!" Hehe!

  7. I think we have matching granite...kashmir white? I love mine@!!!! Thanks for the tips on the sealer!



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