Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maillardville Manor: The Sequel


It's been 3 long weeks but I finally have Internet! I feel like I fell off the face of the earth . . . . .  it was kind of nice, me and Lee just running around the house, eating breakfast at new restaurants, going to home depot, checking out new stores, going to home depot again (last night we walked in and the greeter said hi MAX, you know you've been to home depot too much when they know your dog's name).
But I'm so glad to be back!!!

I was just reading my last post. The one where everything was falling beautifully into place and nothing went wrong, well, lets just say the honeymoon is OVER!
I promptly scratched the top of our new washer and dryer the first load of laundry I did. The laundry machines don't cover the water pipes so we had to buy the pedestals for the machines (probably a good thing since we're both tall) but at an extra $400 ouch! and they aren't in stock until the end of the month. The bracket for the T.V. was missing half of the hardware, so back in the car for the 1 hour drive back to the store. The sconces I bought for above the fireplace are way too small, and the next ones I bought were way to big, third times the charm, NOT they were all wrong too.
Bought the wrong sealer for the granite.
And Last but definitely not least, the dog got sick all over the brand new couch this morning, while the cable installer was sitting on it, kind of funny, I thought the poor man was going to be sick too :) but definitely a bummer!
oh and someone got a poo shoe (enough said)!

 There has also been lots of great things going on too.
I found the perfect clock for our living room.
Bought the right granite sealer and now the counters look great!
Figured out the perfect place to store my cook books.
Found and promptly bought the perfect table lamps for the living room.
But with all said and done we are super happy here in our New Manor!

We've accomplished a lot in our 2 and a half weeks but I wouldn't say any room is done! The laundry room is close, the kitchen is even closer, and the living room is almost finished! Well . . . . .As finished as any room can be, you know what I'm talking about, I'll be changing, re-arranging, re-decorating and just about any other re- you could think of for years to come. But for now It's getting close, and just in time to re-arrange it for Christmas!

I would love to share a big room reveal with you, but I can't so I thought I'd share a sneak peek of the only parts I've taken pictures of,  our Living Room progress!

Here's our new clock (which also happens to be my slightly early birthday present)

This is the palate for the living room.

All the colors have been taken from this fabric!

And here's the cozy little reading corner, complete with a pillow from Homesense and a Throw from COSTCO!

So glad to be back! Check Back Tomorrow for some more Living Room updates,
I'll be  picking up the new sconces in the morning (just simple white shades to tie into the dining room fixture :) Picutres by the evening (okay maybe not that fast :)


  1. Hey Ashli so nice to receive this update.
    One day you and Lee will reminisce about the move and laugh about these mishaps!
    Just love the living room fabric and clock. All very classy choices.
    Poor little Max, is he all better now? And a poo shoe lol, oh yuck!!

  2. Hi Ashli, I have just spent some time catching up on your life and move. What a shame things didn't all go smoothly but then again you wouldn't have any stories to share ; )
    Your colours for the living room look fabulous and I am looking forward to seeing more of it. xx

  3. Welcome back I was having Maillardville Manor withdrawals. I was checking every day to see if you posted then I checked your twitter page and saw that you didn't have internet service.


  4. I know you will laugh at the mishaps some day in the future. ;) Love the color palette!

  5. I was excited to see you're back! LOVE the color palette! Hope things go a little more smoothly for you now:) I was thinking that if you didn't want to pay that much for pedestals that I've seen people do their own stand in blogland. It looks pretty simple to do. This one is my favorite: http://showandtell-sausha.blogspot.com/2010/03/laundry-room.html

  6. Welcome Back!! I can't wait to see your new place :)

  7. glad to have you back! been checking daily for updates from your site :)

  8. OH I was so waiting for your return. I like sneak peaks. I know some people aren't fond of them, but I would rather see a little than nothing at all.

    I am very excited about your clock, where in the world did you get it?

    So sorry about the washer getting a scratch, ugh that bites.

    Ok, so this is Cranberry Cottage , I changed my blog so you need to link up with me at Pink Satin Sashes (ok only if you want to LOl)

  9. It's good to see you back.

    I'm another who would love to know where you got that clock.


  10. Hey Ashli, good to know you're in the land of the living dangerously! Been missing you. Can't wait to see the house coming together. The fabrics are awesome...but then, I'm a sucker for paisley.
    I'm going to officially call your sconces the "Goldilocks sconces" since one set was too big, one was too small and these are just right!

  11. Ohhh I am so happy you're back! I've been having MM withdrawals! LOL
    CLOCK CLOCK CLOCK...LOVE THAT CLOCK!!! Where'd you get it???!!!

  12. Thanks everyone, I have seriously missed this!!!
    The Clock is from Urban Barn www.urbanbarn.com It was on sale for $199 a bit of a splurge but well worth it! It's the perfect accent! At over 3 feet round it's probably more then just an accent, hehe!

  13. Thank god I'm not the only one who buys the wrong type of things and scratches new appliances! Makes us all human afterall :) I'm currenly renovating our living room and intend to work in a reading corner like yours looks so tempting I want to sit and read a book there right now!

  14. Oh HAPPY DAY! ok I know I shouted that, but common...I have been waiting forever! So glad you are back and love the update! Super cute wall clock. Love.
    One day soon we must meet up...I mean, I am just down the street! Congrats again! It looks lovely so far!


  15. Congratulations and so glad you've got internet again. Love your choice of colors. Can't wait to follow your NEW work in progress.

  16. Glad you're back.. love your blog. New house looks great.. Tell me about your granite sealer. I just had granite installed in my kitchen. I know I have to seal it once a year, but didn't know there was a wrong or right kind of sealer. Could you please give me a mini-lesson on it? Thanks!

  17. I hope all the good stuff outweighs the bad! Just remember to focus on the positives.
    I love your fabric selection, beautiful mild colors!



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