Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If you liked it then you should have put some sealer on it!

Sealer is to Granite Counters,  what urethane is to Wood Floors!

I went to the local do it yourself store, and had a moment of cheapness, not thrifty-ness, not frugal-ness but pure unadulterated cheapness. I saw the $50 granite sealer, I picked it up, read the label and then promptly put it down for the $12 granite sealer beside it. Well, the $12 granite sealer . . . . . sucked. It was smelly, and it changed the color of our granite a little bit. Thank goodness we tested a small hidden spot before we did the entire counter. ALWAYS TEST!

So with 12 fewer dollars in my pocket I went back to the store and bought the "good stuff",. Polished Granite Sealer, again we tested in a small spot, It was fine and after the 24 hour wait period to make sure the sealer didn't adversely affect the stone I was ready to seal!

Here's what I learnt:
  • First you'll want to administer The "Paper Towel Test". Wet a paper towel, put the wet sheet of paper towel on the granite, if after a few minutes the granite is darker under the paper towel, your granite needs to be sealed! 
  • Buy the good sealer, aka buy the expensive sealer. After our first blunder I did some research, the concensus was to buck up, after all it could end up costing you a fortune down the road!
  • Clean your counters, dust is the enemy!
  • Spray the sealer on, working in small sections, unless you have very little counter space you won't be able to seal the entire counter in one go. Work in Small sections.
  •  Once it's sprayed on use a dry cloth or sponge (we used sponge) and rub into the granite for about 5 min. making sure the counter stays wet with sealer, if it absorbs it all spray on some more.
  • Once your done rubbing, let it sit for a few more min then wipe off any excess with a different dry cloth (we used a bar towel). Make sure to wipe off the excess before it dries (it's just way harder to get off if it's dry)!
  • Some sealers may require a second coat a couple days later but ours did not! 
 That's about it!
  • Don't clean it for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours do a test, drop some water on to the counter top and if it beads up, it's sealed!
Disclaimer: These instructions are based off of our particular sealers directions, every sealer will vary and you should read the instructions on the back! Just in case :)

Now, just because the granite is sealed doesn't mean that you can just drop what ever you want onto it. Granite Sealer can never fully seal the counter. It's meant to block the stain long enough for you to clean it up. So by all means if you drop beet juice onto your counter clean it up right away!

Also, be careful putting hot pots and pans directly onto your counter top. It's true that a hot pot can't hurt granite, it can however burn the sealer. And if the sealer gets burnt it will require a professional to come and restore it!

And don't forget to repeat the "Paper Towel" test every year to make sure the counters are sealed! Giving an exact time frame on when you'll need to re-seal your counters is impossible as it varies so much depending on the stone, the color of the stone, how many times the counter had been sealed already. That's why it's just a good idea to administer the Paper Towel test at least once a year, it only takes a second and it could save your counters.

I liked it so I put some sealer on it! Woah oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh, Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


  1. My sister in law has had every kind of surface in her kitchens. She told me after having the granite, and stainless steel, she would go back to having just regular corian, or arborite.

    You know what? I sure hope it works for you, which I have a feeling it will.

    We have wood counters and I hate them. I wish I had no nonsense regular counter tops. The upkeep is insane on this wood.

  2. All my girlfriends have granite, around here it is the in thing, but after seeing how many of them have chips, stains, scratches (kids will do that)...we stuck with the Corian again this time around. Yes, the darker colors can and do scratch easily...but they can be buffed out just as easily. The key with any of the surfaces is to protect them and take care around them...common sense!

  3. Totally off topic, but is your ring a diamond or something else? It has a pretty tint to it, but could be just the lighting?

  4. Really helpful tutorial.. I have granite and I LOVE it!

  5. Your counters are gorgeous! We've been wanting to get granite countertops, but we haven't saved up enough yet so I gotta wait a little longer. Good to have a heads up on what you need to do to protect them! =]

  6. Gee the things one can learn reading blogs!
    I've never had granite benchtops so didn't realise it should be sealed. Your granite will be well cared for I'm sure.
    Hahahahaha love the Woah oh oh oh oh ....

  7. Just like "anonymous", I am curious about the ring! We are talking BLING here! It looks wonderful.

  8. The most commonly asked questions on Maillardville Manor are about the ring! I love it! haha
    My ring is a 6.25 carat, asher cut . . . Green amethyst, with three small diamonds on each side and a diamond wedding band to match!
    I wanted a Large ring, but I also wanted a house, so, I decided on a Green Amethyst. It has a very pale, almost glacier color green tint to it, it sparkles a lot and as a bonus there aren't too many women with green amethyst rings out there!
    Truth be told if I could do it all over again, I would get the same stone, the same cut just a bit smaller, 6 carats gets in the way sometimes! :)
    Thanks for asking I am always more then happy to talk about jewelry!

  9. I was wondering whether you purchased your ring in a store or had it made? It's similar to what I am looking for, but with a different colour stone. I love the unique look that the ring has compared to standard diamond solitaires :)

  10. Just popped over from Cupcakes and Ruby Slippers. I am a BC girl as well! Really enjoyed taking a look around your blog - l love your townhouse and can't wait for the house tour. Following you now!

  11. Thanks Anonymous!
    We had the ring custom made. Although I based it off of one I saw in a store, I really wanted to band to match the ring perfectly so we had the whole thing made at the same time!
    I love having a slightly different ring then everyone else, We stuck with a really traditional design but made a very untraditional choice with the stone! I hope you find what you're looking for! And congratulations if you are newly or soon to be engaged!

  12. Jenn, I'm so glad you found your way over! Always happy to hear of another follower and a BC'er to boot ;) hehe
    I'm on my way to check out your blog right now!

  13. Thanks for the good info.
    I just re-did my kitchen countertops with granite and I love them. I got them from Home Depot and they say they are pre-sealed and will never need sealing. That was a convincing claim for me when I was shopping and one reason I went with granite and with Home Depot.
    BUT, when I do the paper towel test, my granite DOES get darker. Will this be a problem if I don't do something to them?

  14. Well, yoru ring is beautiful, and if I could I would have done a color stone. I was married to young to have taste :)

  15. I'm not an expert, but while I was researching granite counters this is what I came across.
    If your paper towel test only lasted a couple of minutes and your granite was darker, I would say they aren't sealed properly, I found this youtube video from the GRANITE SHIELD company comparing their granite sealer to Home Depot Permanent Sealer,


    Sealers aren't meant to stop absorption of liquid entirely, just repel it long enough for you to clean it up. With that being said, I would drop some water on to the counter wait a few seconds and see if it beads up if it doesn't bead and just gets suck up by the granite I would look into sealing it! I would also talk to the homedepot kitchen sales person the next time you're in there, tell them the situation, most of the home depot staff are very knowledgable!
    Hope that helps!
    Let me know what you find out!

  16. Also, I read something about etching. Etching is a chemical reaction, if your water has a softening system on it, it might be something in the water causing a reaction, sealers can't stop etching. I doubt you have a water softener system but just in case you do!

  17. Thanks for answering my question. I appreciate it.
    I'm less worried now. Water does bead up. The granite only gets darker if a wet cloth sits on the granite for a length of time. I haven't timed it, so don't know exactly, but it is not at all immediate.
    You're right! I don't have a water softening system. Glad not to have to worry about that. But from your description, the sealing process looks like something I could do. I'm not handy at all. Thanks for the good advice!

  18. Here's a thought...quartz countertops!! they look just like granite but are made of quartz (another natural stone). They are non-porous, NEVER requires sealing, and you NEVER have to worry about staining or scratching because quartz is such a hard mineral. Almost equivalent to a diamond. Nothing will penetrate the surface of quartz countertops! I have Cambria quartz countertops, and I have had them for 5 years and have no complaints other than they get cold in the winter time :)

    Love your house and blog! beautiful ring!

  19. Thanks Anonymous, The House, Ring, Blog and me are blushing!
    I also Love Quartz! I think if given the option I would have gone with Quartz, I also Love the Colors!
    Thanks again

  20. Hi

    Thankyou for the useful tutorial; my only question is if you used any specific cleaner (not mentioned here) to clean the dust first or any damp towel would do the job?


    1. Just a damp cloth!
      Make sure that the counters are FULLY dry before you seal them!!!
      Hope that helps



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