Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Arthur, the Antelope!

This probably should have been the first post from our new manor, but  didn't think of it until today so it's going to be the second post from the New Manor (I wonder how long I'm going to refer to it as "The New Manor"?).
When you come through our front door the first thing you are greeted with is Arthur, The Antelope! I love deer heads and moose heads, but could never imagine hanging a real one (Seriously,  a real animal head on the wall must be terrible feng shui, hehe), So I set out on the hunt for a deer head.
Then I found one, and somehow all I could think of was christmas! So I dragged Lee kicking and screaming asked Lee to accompany me to the store to see what he thought and he agreed kind of christmas-y.
Then he said what about the antelope head, and it sounds funny but I never thought of an antelope head (I mean really, how many of us have thought of an antelope head),
Long story short,
Meet Arthur! We call him ARTY!

He looks kind of mean in this picture, but it was dark when we took the picture so the artificial light from a nearby lamp was creating some menacing shadows, but I can assure you he's the nicest, iron antelope head :p

So there's Arty, I love the little sense of whimsy he adds to the house. I've never enjoyed houses that take themselves to seriously (or people for that matter, haha


  1. He is very sleek and you think he is a snob?

  2. how are you liking your new place? I guess you're no longer "Maillardville" manor eh? :)
    By the way, how did you register your domain name and how much was it? msg/email me? thanks!

  3. He is quite unique! The Nester (Nesting Place) recently posted about the one she bought. It was funny...some thought it looked evil (it was the large eyes). Picturing YOU trying to drag LEE anywhere is quite funny!

  4. I love Arty! I picture a wreath hanging around his neck at holiday time. What a fun piece of art to greet your guests.

  5. What a perfect wall color. Would you mind sharing the name?

  6. Love it! I was given all kinds of grief (a few years ago) when I posted a music room with a deer head hung in it on Rate My Space...seriously, it was crazy how people were losing their minds over a RESIN deer! Yours looks just right here and I get a kick out of your naming him! Janell

  7. Thanks so much, It's always an unknown result when you introduce a fake antelope head! hehe I'm glad you all like it!!!
    I would love to tell you the name of the wall color but It's what came with the house, It's one of the reason we picked this house out of the six we were offered, with 20 foot ceilings repainting would be a major project. But . . . . I have to go to the paint store this weekend (I wanted to get a small can of this color for future touch ups, and I will ask the paint man what color it's called, so far I only have the color code :) I'll give you an update on Monday!!

  8. I love Arty! Where did you buy him from??

  9. Arty comes from Homesense aka Homegoods (if you live in the states).
    If your looking for a little taxidermy without the killing :) Z Gallerie has a great White Deer head and a White Moose head! They are both really nice!!!



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