Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin on Friday?

Again running low on Flowers on Friday, so I thought I'd share a Pumpkin on Friday!!
Last year we did our little tribute to Max, here's our Yorkshire Terrier Pumpkin!

Lee is in charge of Carving the pumpkins!
I'm in charge of painting pumpkins, In case your wondering we usually have around 5 pumpkins during the halloween season!
Some are carved, some are painted,

and some are just plain pumpkins, Like this one:

And I love a simple pumpkin on a chair! (with a severed foot in the corner)

Hope you enjoyed our Haloween Manor tour, (from 2009). Wish I had some 2010 decor to show you but since our official move date is one day before halloween we have forgone halloween this year :(

T-13 days until the big move!


  1. Wow...that Yorkie pumpkin is incredible! Lee must have a lot of patience! We are off to get pumpkins this weekend. I am loving all the new hues (white, green, blue green, even pink).

  2. I love the BOO pumpkin with the bat! So cute! Sorry you're missing out on Halloween this year. I am too and it's so sad. =[

    My husband and I are going to a shuttle launch in Florida so we'll be on a plane the day of Halloween. It's worth it to see the launch, but still a little sad!

    How exciting about your move though!

  3. Wish we celebrated Halloween in Australia, that carving is incredible! Good luck with your impending move it's such an exciting time :)

  4. Hi Ashli

    Congrats on your new home! I love the BC architecture, your houses are so unique. Good luck with packing and moving. Now you will have your own backyard - do you think you will enjoy gardening?


  5. That boo pumpkin is the second awesome idea I've come across today for painting white pumpkins. I'm getting so tempted to whip out the black paint this weekend! Great ideas :)

  6. Thanks Lee was so happy to see all the pumpkin Love!
    I'm glad some of you like my boo pumpkin too! Can't go wrong with a little black paint!



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