Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pull up a chair . . . . . or two!

Just a quickie for today, I'll be starting to pack today!
Today's packing goal is to get the bookcase, all the magazines and everything we don't need in the living room packed up!
Someone is coming to look at the dining table this afternoon and once the tables gone we can start storing boxes in the dining room.
Packing tip:
Designate an area close to the entrance to store your boxes. Now instead of  having to go all the way up stairs to grab boxes on moving day, they boxes will be super close to the entrance and we'll be able to save tons of time on moving day not having to go up and down the stairs. So, as soon as any upstairs boxes are packed they are making their way into our dining room. Now if we had a garage I would probably store boxes as they are packed in there, doing it this way saves sooo much time on move day! 

I picked up our new Library Chairs, my mom doesn't like them, but Lee and I do. haha One of the things I love about my mom the most is her unwavering honesty.
I wanted to have two formal chairs, I was thinking wing back but I thought that true wing back chairs would be way too stuffy. I chose these ones instead because they have the wing back feel but take a modern twist. And they were a Fabulous Price at $248 each. (from Scan Designs if you live in the lower mainland area).

There are our new chairs, so are you siding with my mom (kinda weird but maybe I need to see them in person hehe) or with Lee and Me (Love them).
Love you Mom!!! It's really ok you don't like them :)


  1. Well, I kind of didn't like it at first but after I looked at it for a few minutes it started to grow on me..I think they will be fabulous!

  2. Good luck with all the packing. My parents moved us quite's biggest tip, color code your boxes (assign each room a color, then at the new house post that color on each of the rooms' door or wall). Saves time trying to read "what" is in the boxes. to be brutally honest. I am not loving the chairs. Here's why...I get wanted some formality, but if you intend to "truly" read in your library, they do not look like something you can curl up in with a good book and a throw on a crisp fall night. Just my two cents (and your mother's apparently ;)

  3. Love Scan designs - it's been a long time since I've been there...but love it! I'm wavering on the chairs. First glance - not my favorite but reading your explanation of what you were looking for when you found them, they make sense to me. I think when they are in your library paired with the ottoman they are going to be wonderful. I have a feeling the way the chair is arranged in the picture isn't doing it justice.

  4. I think they actually very nice. I can just see resting my head on the side and curling up with a great throw reading a book. Love the modern look of them.

  5. I am in the "Love them" column. The modern look and the long back line are perfect for you and Lee. And if you want really comfy reading, we both know you're going to fit that chaise in there somewhere! ;-)

  6. I'm seriously digging the chair style and size! Might need a recovered seat cushion for some visual pop tho - or something else I'll bet you already have plans for.



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