Monday, October 4, 2010

Progress Meeting!

I thought I'd schedule a progress meeting. A lot went on this weekend. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but, we bought a house : )
I found an amazing deal on a large, very large sofa for our Living room. Lee has always wanted a couch with a chaise off one side, and this weekend we were able to secure one for . . . . .$395. It's made by Stylus sofas, the same company that makes our current sofa, as well as my parents sofa they've had for the past 15 years. So we know it's good quality, we know it's huge (all 102 inches of it), and we know for sure it's a great price.
Sorry I don't have a better Picture of our new couch but here it is crammed into our storage space.

We weren't going to buy a couch until we moved but at this price we jumped on it. And if your wondering where our current couch is going to go it's heading to the "library" in our new house :). 
We also found an ottoman at Sears Outlet. I have a huge weakness for round ottomans, so when I saw this one for $179 I was seriously thinking about it, and when my eye hit the big 50% off sign . . . it was wrapped up and in the back of the car. I like the fabric, but am not against the idea of recovering it, we'll see how it goes.
I am super excited I think this picture really represents that :)

We also found a console table for our front hallway. I wanted a fabulous place to greet you when you walk in. A great place to drop your keys and spare change. Maybe a pretty mirror above it to check your make-up on the way out the door, and this piece was perfect. It's a little taller then it probably should be, but both Lee and I are on the tall side so it works really well for us.
This piece was a bit of a splurge for us at $300. But it's solid wood, and I love it, so that was reason enough to splurge.

Next we bought a rug for the Living Room. If you recall last weeks post we were planning on using carpet tiles in our new Manor, we are still going to use carpet tiles but with a 9 foot, by 12 foot rug for $150 we are saving a bundle. We'll have some lovely carpet tiles in the hallway and maybe in the library, although the jury is still out on that one.
And last but certainly not least we picked up a couple of FRONT PORCH ROCKERS. As long as I can remember I've always dreamed of having a front porch and on that front porch were always two two rocking chairs. And this weekend, thanks to an impulse purchase at Liquidation World, we picked up two beauties
for . . . . . $37 each. I know, crazy!!!
So that was our crazy weekend. Meet us back here tomorrow for Library Plans :)

Oh yeah, we also picked up a lot of boxes! 25 cents a box that's 40 boxes for $10 and that included 4 wardrobe boxes! The good deal gods were smiling down on us this weekend, fingers crossed the luck keeps coming :)
Here's our bounty taking up almost all of our dining room. I guess I'm not packing up the books first.

T-24 days until we get the keys!


  1. Love your new purchases! You must be so excited to get put everything in it's place! ENJOY!

  2. I am so ridiculously excited for you guys! We've wanted to move from our townhouse to a single family home for so long, so it's like living vicariously through you :)

  3. You hit the jackpot girl!! Congrats! I love when that happens where you find the best prices at the best time! How fun!

    Like Mrs. Foot above me, I'm also living in a townhouse, yet grew up in a single family house, so am also living vicariously through you guys. Although I can't complain, because this townhouse is miles better than the shoebox apartment I had in NYC :)

  4. Sweet deals! But I'm curious about what your new rugs looks like and where you got it from!

  5. You got some fabulous pieces and great deals! I love those rockers for your front porch! What an exciting time for you and Lee!

  6. You are waaaaayyyy too excited! LOL (JK) I love all of your great finds...especially the piece for the front hall! What a beauty!! I can't wait to see it all come together.

  7. Gosh! So excited for you guys! Where did you get the sofa with chaise for only $395? That's way tooo great of a deal!

  8. Love the new sofa and ottoman! I don't think you need to recover the ottoman if you like the pattern (I do!)...just work your accent patterns with colors you pull from the design. It seems quite neutral in the photo. Love everything you're doing!

  9. Thanks girls, we are so excited to put the new finds in the new house!! We've been waiting for a house for a long time now, I'm totally with you townhouse gals :)
    Ericka I'm going to post a photo of the carpet all rolled up, on facebook later on today. I forgot to add the photo! It's just a simple cream colored, berber rug. But I'll post the photo on Maillardville Manors Facebook page :) and it came from the Home Depot!
    Mina- the sofa with the chaise came from craigslist, a designer had it for staging and then sold if off.

  10. You have been busy!
    Love all the new additions.

  11. YAY! How exciting!!!! I am so looking forward to seeing the new home unfold before our eyes! Hope all is well!!


  12. Wow! I'm so pleased you have been able to find such great bargains! By the way I adore the ottoman as is, but I have a real thing for black and white right now. I recently fell in love with damask. Sigh! Hope the packing isn't too stressful for you. :)

  13. wow great deals!! I LOVE your idea for the front entrance I am wishing i had a bigger entrance now you made it sound so inviting and fun!



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