Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our little Manor feels so Empty :(

Poor empty house!! It feels so devoid of life, our house use to have a soul, a personality, now he's just empty (our house is a he by the way :) a lot of our living room and mini-library are packed now. The dining table and chairs are sold, they have been replaced with boxes. There are dirty dishes in the sink and the laundry is starting to pile up. I've been busy packing, running around signing papers, I haven't signed my name this much since I first met Lee and scribbled Mrs.Ashli Malinek on every scrap of paper I could find.
I've been finding the chaos difficult, I'm a stay at home wife/newbee blogger and I've always had dinner ready, lunches packed, clean underwear available (don't get me wrong, we are still wearing clean underwear it's just in the morning they can be found in the dryer instead of the drawer). I'm a little lost right now, but with all good comes a little bad, I should count my lucky stars I'm able to pack, last time we moved I was sick and stuck in the hospital, it was awful, my dear friends had to pack for us. Just a little overwhelmed today I guess.  I'm posting this from our couch, as the office has been ripped out and we no longer have a dining room table. Maybe a coffee shop tomorrow :)
Here's a peek at the chaos, this use to be our dining room:

Max is so helpful, he's our 5 lb guard dog, no ones getting in these boxes without his say so . . . . . Careful he'll lick ya!
And the empty bookcase, the new owner of our beloved manor  included the bookcase in their purchase price so we are leaving it for them :( We're planning of a similar, shorter version in our new house.

So there's the Manor being slowly emptied and boxed up. Back to packing for me, although it's not the packing I mind. Each piece I put in I can't help but remember where I'll be taking it out and it makes me happy.

Yesterday's post brought out some great moving tips from some smart ladies:
Lauren from Simply LKJ suggested Color coding your boxes and your rooms for the movers! 

Janell of Isabella and Max Rooms suggested moving your picture frames, lamps and mirrors the night before your move, or at least move them yourself in your own car, I agree movers aren't the most careful, neither are husbands for that matter. She also suggested stacking the boxes near the entrance, but stacking them in groups i.e. bedroom boxes together, kitchen boxes together etc . . . .

Shell from Scrapes of our lives suggested Looking for boxes at Military bases, those families move a lot! Here in Canada we don't have very many military bases, infact I don't know of a single one, but you ladies to the south of us might know of some.

KDot of Confessions of a wannabe fashionista suggested buying used moving boxes from a moving company, she did that and only paid $3 per box. 

Laura from Life on the Cheap she suggested trying freecycle for boxes.

If anyone else has any packing, or moving tips I'm all ears! Heaven knows I could use the help!


  1. When we sold our house of 18years last November, it was very emotional for me. My husband not so much, his focus was the new place, the fences and corrals he would need to build, that type of thing. For me it was our first house, the house we brought our daughter home to and raised for 9 years. The moving days came quickly as we rented our house back until we signed on the new house which was a foreclosure, lots of fun on that, anyway so it was quick but lots of family and friends to help. When I walked thru it the last time, I cried, but in the same sense it no longer had the same spirit in it, the same family vibe, that was in boxes and totes, being unpacked at the new place. Good luck, enjoy your new home!

  2. Thanks for the shout out and hang in there, you will soon be in your new beautiful home! Janell

  3. Any time I have change in my life that is major, I mourn its loss. Even selling a car. It sounds crazy and I get over it but I always think of the memories they hold!! Hang in there........can't wait to see the new Manor!

  4. I cant wait to see your new place & ideas!

  5.'re a sweetie for the mention! As someone who grew up moving, but has only done it once since hubby and I married, it is only natural to feel a bit down when packing things is the end of a chapter in your life. But, then you get to create a new one and the adventure begins!! Just remember...the memories go with you.

  6. Dont pack the kettle, coffee or sugar ... Carry it with you in the car so you can enjoy a cuppa when you get to the new place (or wine whichever you prefer!). Also leave out a set of sheets and doona so you can fall into a crisp clean bed that first night in your new place.

  7. There are no Canadian Forces Bases near Vancouver; however I am surprised to hear that you were unaware of CFB Esquimalt in Victoria, BC, which is home to Canada's Pacific Fleet.

  8. I'm in the military and there are tons of military bases and units in and around Vancouver. There's a reserve naval base in Stanley park, and army units in new west and all around Vancouver including 39th brigade, which is a large base on west 4th so in the lower mainland there are many options. There is marriage housing for the military just behind west 4th so that would be the place to check!

  9. No need to buy boxes at all - you can rent plastic containers for moving ( keep the planet happy. :) Local company too.

  10. Love the idea of nice clean sheets for our first night in our new house!!! And the coffee tip, because nobody is moving anywhere without coffee :)
    Thanks for the Info about the military bases in and around Vancouver! I had no idea so many existed!
    I also never knew the Canadian Pacific Fleet was based out of Victoria, although clearly I'm not very well versed in military locations of Canada :)
    Thanks for the info Girls,
    and I'll Definitely be looking into Frogbox's!



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