Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Library Plans

This is probably my favorite room in the new house. It's the first room you see when you walk into the door, it has my favorite part of the house, the staircase, running through it, and it has 18 foot ceilings. I know yesterday I said we were going to add our current couch to the library but I'm loving the idea of two chairs so we are going to sell the couch (if anyone in the lower mainland wants to buy our couch shoot me an email :) and replace it with two fabulous chairs. 
So here's a little tour of our Library.
The staircase is hands down my favorite part of the house! It's the first thing I saw when I walked through the front door and it's a big reason we bought this particular house. I also fell head over heels for the coach light over the stair case (that light is also the ONLY light in the house that's staying the rest are really UGLY unappealing :)
Again sorry for the poor quality pictures:

Here's a close up of the light:

Here's our paneled walls, another huge reason that the library is my favorite room in the house. The open door is our coat closet, I forgot to close it before I took the picture, its become apparent that I wasn't paying too much attention during this photo shoot, oops.

Here are our double height windows. We are planning to run curtain panels all the way up, that's about 16 feet of curtains.

We are thinking the window alcove would be a great place to put a desk and personally I can't wait to start posting from there, here's a desk we are thinking of, and with a price tag of only $129 we won't need to sell Max to afford it. haha Just Kidding Max.

We are planning of adding a fan to the ceiling so that all of the hot air that makes its way up there can make its way back down, helping us save on our heating bills. Here's a fan option we are thinking of, but the color of the blades isn't quite right so Lee suggested we spray paint them the color we want,
he's not just a pretty face haha.

Photo via Home Depot
I'm hoping to add a patterned rug underneath the chairs but I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up picking a simple cozy rug for underneath, it seems to be my weakness, simple, cozy, cream colored carpets.But here are two options I'm loving!

 Images via West Elm
Then add the new ottoman we showed you yesterday, a row of these Ikea Bookcases, some trim around the top and we've got a library.
 Image via Ikea
Here's how it should all go together.


As for the giant question mark, we are thinking chaise lounge, maybe a bookcase with doors to hide our office equipment, who knows that's definitely one of the thing that will have to wait until we get the keys in: 23 days!


  1. The stairs are lovely, that's one of the big reasons I want a two story house next time around. I love staircases! I also love the idea of having the bedrooms on a separate level to all the living areas.
    For your fan have you considered buying one then you can mod-podge paper or material to the blades? I've seen that on a couple of blogs recently and love the idea. That way it's pretty to look at in the colder months when it's not in use, and I guess you get a pretty blurred pattern when it's on!

  2. Great room! Easy to see why it's your favorite.

  3. Love it! The staircase is the first thing I noticed when you showed the first pictures of the house. And the paneling is awesome!! I love our library (formal living room previously). We have two chairs and a round table in ours, plus the piano! The fan looks very similar to the ones we installed this summer on our covered back porch, but our blades are darker. Ours are made by Hampton Bay. The desk near the windows has given me an idea for our library.

  4. I love your plans. :) I think the desk is fabulous. I'm so envious that you have a library! :)

  5. I want a library! And if things work out for me, I'll have one. Love your ideas. Definitely do a covered space for the office equipment/not-so-pretty stuff. I can really see a chaise in that room if you have the space for it...awesome spot to get comfy and read. Love ya, girl!

  6. Can't wait to see how you do your new house! I'm in the lower mainland too and I'd love to know where you're getting some of these great deals. Can you post your sources? For example, where is that desk from?



  7. Thanks for the Library Love Ladies, most of our friends wonder why we are making it a library and not some sort of games room, and I resorted to because I said so, not the most original line I ever came up with.
    Modge Podge Fan blades I've never seen that before I'll be on my way to google that in a second!!
    LeeAnn- the Desk is from HOME DEPOT any of the lower mainland homedepots have it. The couch was off craigslist, the ottoman was from Sears Outlet by lougheed Mall, the chairs are coming from Scan Designs off untied blvd. If there is anything else you'd like to know about sources just let me know, Soon after we are in the new place I plan on doing a room by room source post, look for it near the begining of December :) I'll do my best to get it as detailed as possible :)

  8. Thanks for sharing! That desk doesn't look like a home depot product, nice to know they have different stuff there.

    One of my favourite shops for finding great deals is Direct Liquidation. They have a few locations but I usually go to the one on Greenwood Ave. http://www.directliquidation.ca/locations

    Maybe you'll have some luck there too.


  9. This library space is going to be so cosy. I can see you, Lee and Max snuggled in there during a cold Canadian winter reading and relaxing.
    Love the high ceilings/windows, staircase and panels. In fact this house is brilliant!
    I can't wait to see the kitchen.

  10. Great packing tips...I did the same thing, saved a LOT of time on moving day. I also moved art, mirrors, lamps, etc., the night before myself, as in the last two moves we lived close to the next home. I didn't trust movers with this stuff and too hard to pack anyway! Another tip is to label boxes by the rooms they will go into, group these boxes together and then, if possible, have the boxes moved into that spot in the new house on moving day. Makes unpacking soooooo much easier. I can't wait to see you put your new home together! Janell



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