Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's getting Hot in Here!!!

With 16 days to go until the big move I've made my way into the kitchen and have started some plans.
White kitchens usually make me swoon, but like most of my fellow bloggers we are capable of loving many different things all at once and I truly am in love with our new Kitchen.
So here's some of the details:
Looking into the kitchen from the dining room, (those pendants have to go :)

I am head of heels for the 9 foot ceilings, and the cabinets that go all the way up. The little glass doors at the top have lights inside so that I can display some of our many white dishes.

The hood vent is also something I'm loving, a little fancier then I would normally like but I have some plans for toning down the fancy :)

Granite counters and natural stone floors round out our new kitchen, I cannot wait to get in and start cooking!

and a perspective shot, looking into the living room from the kitchen,

So there she is! Can't wait to share our plans for the kitchen, those pendants will be the first thing to change :)
Be back tomorrow with all the inside information!


  1. What a beautiful house! I love those dark kitchen cabinets. It looks very sexy.

  2. Wow, I just love everything about your new house.

  3. Beautiful kitchen. Im loving all of the lighter shades of stone and granite in contrast to the dark cabinets. :)

  4. I am definitely having kitchen envy. Love the dark/light contrast and the simple subway tile with the pop of glass tile accent. What you come up with to tone down the range hood should be very interesting.

    And the pendants, while pretty, just aren't saying Ashli to me...can't wait to see what does.

  5. Oooh...I love it! I love the contrast of the dark cabinets with the counters and backsplash. And I love subway tile ;) I can see why you would want to change out the pendants...I see you with something more modern/contemporary in their place. Those tall cabinets are great, and you and Lee won't have one bit of trouble reaching them! LOL

  6. That is one fabulous kitchen you've got! What a luxurious space to cook in. The pendants are great.

  7. I was just thinking about the elements of a great kitchen today and lots of cabinets was definitely at the top of my list after living in the crummiest apartment kitchen ever for the past four years. :)

    Your new kitchen is gorgeous and it feels like a kitchen to love and enjoy. Congratulations and best wishes on your move.

  8. Hey there,

    Found your blog through Piney Flats Style. Your house is so beautiful! What a lovely place. =] Those tall ceilings are amazing and I think your kitchen is so gorgeous.

  9. Wow, your kitchen is beautiful! And, I love the pendant ideas in your previous post.

    I found your blog through the blogging your way course, so I thought I pop over and say hi! :)

  10. I am in love with your house. Seriously. I know this would be a wonderful place

  11. So having the worst kitchen envy right now. In fact your entire house is amazing. It's just gorgeous!!! I'd suggest to keep the fancy hood vent. It works with the design. And it's pretty. I'll have to come over and whip up a feast for the men with you. And drink a lot of wine (aka two glasses!) Just a thought .... :)

  12. What are the dimensions of your two upper cabinets? You have 9 ft ceilings, right? I love the look!

  13. What are the dimensions of your two upper cabinets? You have 9 ft ceilings, right? I love the look!

    1. We do have 9 foot ceilings our uppers are approx, one and a half feet tall!
      Hope that helps!!!

  14. Thanks for your reply! To clarify, are your bottom wall cabinets 30 inches and uppers 18 inches? Then I guess your crown goes up about 6 inches? We're designing a kitchen now and I'm wanting to achieve a similar look. Thank you!

  15. Very nice and beautiful! Love this house!



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