Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Flowers on Friday

Another Oldie but a goodie!
Since we are moving we haven't been doing our usual flowers on friday, so I've been sharing some Oldies. Here's an October Bouquet Lee brought home right before halloween. I love the little orange lanterns!!!

Pictured is also one of my favorite halloween decorations, painted pumpkins. Carved pumpkins are great too, but I love a painted pumpkin!
Also, pictured is Lee's favorite decoration, severed limbs, there are no PG halloweens around here, it's all severed fingers and spooky skulls.


  1. Pretty flowers! I get a giggle out of the mix of a beautiful bouquet with severed limbs!!

  2. I love those little lantern flowers. Haven't had time to leave many comments lately, but I always enjoy catching up!

  3. Over from My Uncommon Slice of Surburbia Linky. what a beautiful bouquet and I love the idea for the pumpkins!



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