Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living Room Products

Wow all of this sourcing has been a lot more work then I thought it would be, phew . . . .
I'm very excited to share today's post with you today, I've spent many hours behind the computer picking out details of our living room, right now it might look a little devoid of color, but I have plans of adding some.
My color plans will include color that can easily be taken away and switched out seasonally on the cheap!
So here are some of our plans, again nothing is set in stone, just some ideas.
Here are some carpet options, right now we are loving  carpet tiles. I love the options they have and the price is not to bad either, depending on your choice of tile it could run from $7 a tile to $20+ a tile. With a little Max dog who, if he really loves a toy, has been known to pee on it just in case anyone didn't know it was his. And with a Lee who is just plain kinda messy sometimes (love you hunny in case you are reading this :) it makes sense in case a tile gets little doggy pee pee or a splash of spaghetti sauce we can just replace the tile instead of the whole carpet, saving money and the environment.

This last rug is from Pier 1
Here's a sconce option that's a bit cheaper then the pottery barn option I pictured above in my mood board.
Here are a couple of chair options we've been looking at:
Photo via Ikea We would stain the legs a different color :)
A couple of these would be great I love the little wing detail on the back
Photo via Pier 1

Photo via Home Depot, but I also think these chairs are sold at Target
Photo via Pier 1 I don't know where I would put this chair but I kinda love it, might be too much color for me but we'll see :)
We are hoping to keep our existing sofa, although a big huge one with a chaise wouldn't be too shabby. We will however need a new coffee table for sure, so I'll be back tomorrow with some coffee table options and maybe a little sneek of the dining room :)
Let us know what you think!


  1. My girlfriend used the floor tiles at her lake home and has been glad she did! Instead of replacing an entire room of carpeting for one little stain, she replaces a single tile (she has 4 kids). I love all of the chair options. I am one to stick more with neutrals on the main pieces which allows me to add colors when I want. I don't feel stuck.

  2. Neutrals are so versatile because it's easy to add colour with cushions, artwork, throw rugs etc. I like to change soft furnishings around to revamp a room.
    Carpet tiles are great for hard traffic areas. We put industrial strength (lol) in the kid's rumpus room in our last house. So easy to sponge stains or remove and hide under furniture!

  3. I have flor in our bedroom and love it! The floor underneath it is hardwood which my husband wasn't crazy about covering, but I wanted the warmth of carpet since we live in the NW and mornings can be chilly! He liked the fact that they don’t damage the floor underneath the way wall to wall carpet would. In fact, they actually protect it. Each tile has a thick rubber backing so puppy accidents can’t seep through the way they would with regular carpet.

  4. Thanks so much for the feed back on carpet tiles girls! This is one of the great benefits to blogging so much help and the products reviews are priceless!
    Thanks again
    Looks like Flor carpet for us!! Yay! I've been wanting to do that for a while now:)

  5. Green is my fave color, and I love mixing it with whites, naturals and browns. But for some reason I love that last chair. It would add warmth and coziness while still blending with my (and apparently yours too) favorite colors. Together it all feels like decor for all seasons.

  6. I also LOVE green it's super fresh! I also can't put my finger on why I love the last chair so much, but I agree with you it would add a lot of warm and coziness while still blending with a lot of the rest of the house.
    I like your last sentence "Decor for all seasons!" Love it!

  7. Love the options. I'm curious how you create a color pallete "that can easily be taken away and switched out seasonally on the cheap"! That is my biggest prob. I think color and paint add sooo much to a room to make it "feel like home and lived in" but I would love to have a house for al seasons. Currenly I have red in my dining room adn kitchen and red accents in the living room nad foyer. It looks amazing in the fall/winter, but I have a hard time switching to spring/summer with the red. How do you accomplish it?

  8. Thanks for the question Jennifer! I'm definitely not an expert I've been known to paint a room a few times over for picking the wrong color, but I'm more then happy to share what we do:
    First I've done it before but wouldn't again I bought a red couch, it looked great in fall and winter but terrible in the summer. I would buy all my major pieces in neutral colors just makes it easier. Then I pick a patterned fabric something I'm so in love with, something that is summery. Then pick my colors out of that. Match a wall color to one of the colors, match some pillows to another, curtains to one more.
    Then I go back and pick another fabric some thing that is wintery and pull colors out of that (hopefully keeping the wall color the same). Then you have two schemes one for fall and winter and one for spring and summer.
    Another tip would be that if you don't have storage space available make the front of one pillow match one scheme and the back match another, or keep the same inserts and just make covers for the pillows.
    My favorite way to go from summer to fall is to change the curtains, light and bright in the summer and cozy and heavy in the winter. Although with the big move we are lacking in curtain money so for the next couple of years I'll be needing to find drapes that work for all seasons :) darn haha
    Hope that helps, We also change out our accessories, more books and warm metals for winter. And airier items for summer like crystals and flowers, glass containers etc. I love to display my plates and bowls around winter time and my wine glasses and glass vases in the summer, just a little lighter and airier.
    Thanks for your question :)

  9. p.s.
    If your looking to do it one the cheap, throw pillows for 1/2 a yard of fabric you can make two pillow fronts.
    Fabulous throws for winter
    Also I like to clutter it up a bit in the winter, really hibernate. Magazines on coffee tables, books on side tables. But in the summer I like it cleaner and more streamlined. Clear tables and counters.
    If you're looking to spend a little more money area rugs are a great way to change it up. Heavier darker colored rugs for fall, or lighter sisal rugs for summer.



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